2011 Season


  • President – Andrew Ingram
  • Vice President – Scott Lieschke
  • Treasurer – Graeme Goff
  • Secretary – Jamie Roden
  • Registrar – Janette Hanson
  • Canteen Co-ordinator – Symon Bagley
  • Coach Co-Ordinator – Ian Thompson
  • Property Manager – John Svensson
  • Auskick Co-ordinator – Anthony Doig
  • Ground Manager – Michael Piscioneri
  • Apparel – Gill Ryan
  • Social Committee – Anita Atkin
  • East Fremantle Rep – Ross Atkin
  • Committee – Graeme Fitzgerald, Paul Mannix, Neville Meade

Club Fairest and Best

  • 17s – Matthew Hansen & Declan Newing
  • 17s Runner-up – Cameron Atkin
  • 14s – Ben Hayward
  • 14s Runner-up – Connor Horsley
  • 13s – Kristian Morisey
  • 13s Runner-up – Aaron Hardie

East Fremantle Association

2011 Auskick Reports

Auskick at the Booragoon Bulldogs, as always, was very family focused in 2011.  We started the season on Mother’s Day, finished on Father’s Day, and had a lot of fun and enjoyment in between.  We had almost 120 enthusiastic Auskick players improve their football skills and teamwork immensely during the season.  There were big player numbers in the Super 8s and Year 2s, the Year 1s grew throughout the season with new players arriving, and there were a good bunch of new recruits in the Pre-Primary team.

We were able to have a number of different events over the year to mix things up a bit.  We played matches under lights against Mount Pleasant (huge!!) and Attadale (very wet!!).  The Super 8s played away games at Mount Pleasant and East Fremantle, and the Year 2s took on Rossmoyne at home.  Some of our Auskick players played under lights at half time in the inagural BBJFC Dads V BBFC Vetrans match.  For the second year, the entire Booragoon Under 17s team visited Auskick in July to help run skills sessions and matches – this was a fantastic experience for our young players to work with a great group of young men and see what’s possible in their football future.  We finished off the season by sending six Booragoon teams to the annual Rossmoyne Auskick Carnival.  This was a very enjoyable event and  we proudly had the second biggest group at the carnival, competing well in football, sprint races and tug-of-war.

I’d like to thank all the parents who pitched in this year, helped the coaches, worked in the canteen, washed jumpers, brought the oranges, and did everything else to make Auskick a great experience for our players.  In particular Paul Lippiatt, who looked after First Aid for the year – great job.

Thanks to sponsors Jones Ballard Property Group for the brand-new set of football jumpers – they looked fantastic!  We also continued to receive the support of Solar Kings and Brentwood News, who provided AFL Football Cards for weekly player awards.

A big thank you to all our coaches, who make Auskick happen on the day.  These guys do a huge amount of preparation and planning so that our players develop their skills and teamwork, and enjoy their football.  We had four new coaches in Pre-Primary this year in Brad, Andrew, Mike and John, Michael White ran the Year 1s in a solo effort, Olly and Gary tuned up the Year 2s with teamwork and tackling, and Fitzy, Chris and Mike helped the Super 8s graduate from Auskick.  Outstanding work from the entire coaching team, Auskick wouldn’t happen without them.

Finally and most of all, well done to all the players who were part of Booragoon Bulldogs Auskick this season.  Seeing you all running around with your friends, playing good football with an excellent attitude and having fun is what it’s all about, and makes my job very rewarding.  See you all in 2012 – bring your friends!!

Anthony Doig (Auskick Coordinator)


In 2011, we had 25 5 year olds and 4 coaches take on Auskick for the first time. As expected, it was a big learning curve for everyone. Thankfully, due to some insightful guidance and program help from Olly Standing in the Year 2’s, we were able to able to at least look as though we knew what we were doing!

The four coaches all have older children in Auskick and were active supporters of the other coaches during previous years so had a bit of an idea of what to expect, however being the coach and ‘cat herder’ was an eye opener.

We once again were fortunate to have great weather for most of the season, with numbers down on only a few days due to inclement weather. We were also fortunate to have the great support of the parents, who stepped in to help with drills, oranges, goal umpiring, dodge ball and packing up at the end of the sessions.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our roles as coaches this year and seeing the progression from kids who couldn’t hold or kick a ball through to kids kicking goals during the game from the centre zone. We hope that all of the players had a great first year of Auskick and return to develop their skills and have lots of fun in 2012.

Andrew Rowell, Mike North, Brad Bates, John Morey (Pre-Primary Coaches)

Year 1s

This year saw the Year 1s back at Auskick after a successful first year.  The majority of kids from Pre-Primary had stayed on with a few new names added to the list.

This year was about improving the skills they had picked up from last year and it was soon evident that most of the kids had come a long way. I think the improvement through the year in the kicking skills especially was really obvious, with a few being able to kick long goals and over the top of zones.

We had our first match against another club, Mount Pleasant and this was a real eye opener with our kids showing some really good skills, keeping their feet and showing great team play. Not sure if we got the win but it was a good contest . We also had a night fixture which was played in some of the wettest and windiest conditions I have seen for a long time.  Somehow we managed to get a game done and to those 8 players and their brave parents who showed up, I take my hat off to you.

By the end of the year most of our intra club games were hard fought contests and while every game seemed to end in a draw, I’m pretty sure that the kids were able to work out who won.

I would like to thank the parents for all their help as well, from setting and packing up, to helping out with drills which has made it a lot easier. We struck it pretty good with the weather as well and I don’t recall losing a session to rain.

As a coach, it’s been a good year and I have enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing all the kids and parents back again next year and seeing if we can all go a step further with our skills.

Michael White (Year 1 Coach)

Year 2s

With the 2011 footy season having drawn to a close we’d like to thank all the grade two kids and their mums, dads and grandparents for their continued participation throughout this year’s Auskick program.

Well done to all involved.  Many thanks to those parents always willing to help out with running drills & zones, umpiring goals and especially those who tidy up the field at the end of each session. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

As coaches it gives us a great feeling to look back over the season and see how much each child has developed their footy skills to a point where they can gather, mark, pass and bounce the ball with confidence. In the closing part of the season we’ve successfully introduced tackling and focused on developing better team skills such as spreading out, manning up and encouraged the kids to make themselves seen and heard when leading for the ball. The Rossmoyne Carnival is a great chance for us all to see how our kids play using Super 8 rules and a handy preview to Auskick 2012.

Many thanks to Anthony Doig for all his effort this year as Auskick Coordinator. In his first year at the helm his commitment to the successful running of Auskick should be applauded by everyone involved.

We think this year we’ve had a very successful Auskick season and each of our kids have been a delight to coach and are a credit to their parents. Although Sunday morning sleep-ins may be welcomed I think we’ll all look forward to a bigger and better Auskick 2012. We hope to see you all again next year!

Olly Standing and Gary Peel (Year 2 Coaches)

Super 8s

As coaches we are extremely proud of the fantastic progress that the 38 young men have all made during the very successful 2011 Auskick season.

This year the team experienced new challenges with games at home and away, Friday night games under lights, mini-carnivals at home and at Shark Park, the full range of weather conditions and all whilst competing against opponents with diverse styles of play.  These factors tested our players (and their supporters) and it was particularly pleasing that each challenge was met with a terrific attitude, lots of enthusiasm and football ability that signals well for the future.

On the skills side the boys continued their development of a running style of game that has a heavy emphasis on sharing the ball for the advancement of the team.  We introduced tackling (strictly within the Auskick guidelines) and encouraged the use of both sides of the body for kicking and handball – a skill that we see as a necessity in these formative years.  These skills were employed with much success in competitive games, to the extent we have received some very pleasing feedback in respect to our team’s ability to play as an accomplished unit.

A large part of the success of the year is owed to the many parents that we could always rely on for packing up the gear, washing the jumpers and actively getting involved with any exercises when requested.  This assistance allowed us to commit more time to coaching activities and will be even more crucial in the following years as the competition develops.

Our Auskick co-ordinator, Anthony Doig, also deserves special recognition for his significant administrative efforts behind the scenes that ensured the season ran smoothly.

Looking back over the past four years we believe that we have achieved the goals that we set for the team in providing a safe environment, teaching our boys the basic football skills correctly and most importantly, ensuring that the experience has been an enjoyable one with fond memories. We thank you all for the great honour and privilege over the years of entrusting us with coaching such wonderful boys, an experience that has been extremely satisfying and rewarding. We are of the view that our players are more than well equipped for the transition into the Junior Football Year 4s and look forward to seeing you all back next season.

Graeme Fitzgerald, Chris Ryan and Mike Webb (Super 8s Coaches)

2011 Under 17s Report

Thank you to the players of the U17’s this season for their enthusiasm, effort and hard work they have put into the 2011 season.  I have spent the last 2 seasons coaching these boys and have really enjoyed my involvement.

With so many of our players playing at East Fremantle Colts and a serious injury to one of our best players, I thought the U17’s team had an outstanding season, winning 7 out of 12 games played this season and in the games they lost, 4 of those games were by narrow margins.  We only played one game this season near full strength, which of course we won.

I am very proud, as I am sure the parents and the Club are of the way the U17’s played their football this season and the way they handled being forfeited 2 games by East Fremantle JCC, which cost us a place in the finals.  The boys could have given it all away when we found out about the forfeits, but showed great character as a team and won our last 2 games convincingly, so what could have been we will never know.

Congratulations to Declan Newing, Cam Atkin, Zac Wilton, Matt Hansen, Jacob Green and Alex Howson for being selected in the East Fremantle Colts squad at the start of the season.  Usually, this would mean that those 6 boys would train with the colts team throughout the season and may be play 1 or 2 games and play the rest of the season with the U17’s, but of course when our U17’s got their chance to play colts, they played to such a high standard that 3 of the boys became permanent players of the East Fremantle Colts team and we finished the season with 4 of the boys playing East Fremantle Colts for our last 2 games, which was an outstanding effort by those boys.

I hope all the boys continue to play football next season, wherever that may be and always remember the great junior years they had playing football for the Booragoon Bulldogs.

My thanks to Kane Tomasevich for being an outstanding Captain for the U17’s in 2011.  Thanks also to Craig, Trevor, Noel and Jane for their help on game days.  Thank you to the BJFC Committee and the parents of the U17’s for all your help over the season.

On behalf of the boys, parents and Club I would like to thank Ross Atkin, Ross started coaching this team in Auskick until U13’s and then took on the role as Assistant Coach from U14’s to U17’s.  Thank you Ross for your involvement with this team over their 12 years of Junior Football, it is very much appreciated by all of us.

This will be my last season with the Booragoon Junior Football Club, so I wish the Club all the best for the future.  Finally, thanks again to the great group of young men of the Booragoon U17’s, I am very proud that I can say I coached this team.

Greg Pearson (Coach)

2011 Year 4s Report

Year 4s Blues

The first full football season for the 4 Blues has been very exciting for, not only the ever improving young players, but also for their coaches and parents. Having a chance to play fifteen full games of football against all different teams in the district has been a great opportunity for the keen novices of the game of Australian Rules.

Every Wednesday the players, together with their aging coaches, trained and practiced their skills in whatever weather presented itself. On Sundays they would then meet to show their improvement and, even though no scores were actually recorded, won around 11 of the games they played.

The tackling ability of Tom and Mick, the silky skills of Josh S, William and Julian, the marking ability of Daniel and Josh M, the ruck tapping skills of Cameron and Jay, the goal kicking power of Zane and Ethan, the defensive power of Digby, Lachlan and Callum and the speed and tenacity of Kai, Sam and Hamish all combined to prove that everyone has certain jobs to perform to create an exceptional football team.

Many thanks must go to Heath Schmidt as Assistant and fearsome tackling Coach, Michael Gardner the Manager and the many parents who waved flags, cut oranges, washed jumpers, helped in the canteen and basically made my job as coach the easiest one.

I hope that all players enjoyed themselves that much that they want to come back in 2012 and play together again and keep improving.

Ian Minotti (Coach)

Year 4s Whites

It can’t happen on the field unless it first happens off the field. I am completely indebted to all of the parents for making this season a very rich and rewarding journey.

I extend my sincere “Thanks” (as I’m sure all of the parents do) to one Mr Paul Logothetis. Our legendary Team Manager! He kept us all on track and turning up to the right oval at the right time and never left us in need of anything; not forgetting his most important role – keeping the coach in line on match day!).

Big Thanks to Paul Ovens for not only all his invaluable assistance at each and every training run but for his most generous offer of sponsoring the “Most Improved Player” awards for each game.

To our game day assistants: Marcus, Lindsay and Scott your efforts prior and during the game were extremely appreciated by one novice coach.

To all the parents and “volunteers” Paul and I THANK YOU….I know we appreciated it as I’m sure your boys did. There is nothing better than as a child to have your parents involved.

Boy! What can I say about the season that was? To sum it up in one page is not that easy. To Oliver, Connor, Lachlan, Reid, Riley, Daniel, Joshua, Jai, Matthew W, Kade, Michael (Super 8’s), Matthew L, Blair, Samuel, Callum A, Callum S and Wouter you boys made the season what it was; a hugely successful and rewarding experience.

As a Team we took a couple of games to gel but boy when we were ON we were an unstoppable force. The message was clear and simple : as a team we focused on getting behind the ball, when to bounce or when to touch the ball on the ground, playing on quickly, using your voice, Tackling, Chasing, Harassing, playing “man on man”, building a wall across our forward 50. These simple yet fundamental actions you all picked up and utilised extremely successfully and this will hold you in good stead in the years ahead.

It was entertaining and a lot of fun. We all enjoyed the Club Song at the end of those winning matches!

Go Dogs!

Mark Downey (Coach)

2011 Year 5s Report

How quick the season goes but what a fantastic season it has been. It has been so fulfilling to see all the boys grow their confidence, improve their skills and play as a team throughout the season. It has been an absolute pleasure to coach.

I think all parents would be proud of how the boys have developed. The sportsmanship the boys showed all year was a credit to you all, we had several clubs comment on this.

Even though results don’t count at this level we all know that the boys are aware who wins, this year the boys have won a lot more games than they have lost. It was so rewarding to finish the season coming runners-up in the carnival at Canning Vale.

Every player should be very satisfied of the way they played footy and how they conducted themselves throughout the season; you have done your football club and parents proud.

A big thank you has to go to my assistants Paul, Graeme & Tony, our managers Sonia & Cath and all parents that assisted throughout the year. Without your input it just wouldn’t happen.

Last but not least a big thank you to the BJFC committee for their support and hard work to make the Bulldogs such a successful club.

Paul Eaton (Coach)

2011 Year 6s Report

Year 6 Blue

It’s been a fantastic 2011 footy season with the year 6 blues, both on and off the field.

My philosophy this year was to concentrate on the 1 percent items – The talking, shepherding, supporting the ball carrier, keeping your feet in a contest at all times and of course teaching and encouraging some of best tackling you would see in any grade of footy.

This year there were some great contests which certainly tested the skills and courage of all the lads. Without a doubt we are looking at some extremely talented young players that will certainly be future rising stars.

Natural leaders have emerged by leading by example giving support and guidance to the developing players,

Team effort was the key to the successful 10 win 5 loss season. Best of all, we finished the year by emerging champions of the lightning carnival with a fantastic 4 wins.

Many thanks to Alan Fereday who’s tireless work made my job so much easier,

Thanks also to Mark Conner’s and Ian Thompson in assisting with the coaching

But most of all many thanks to all my super stars for a great and exciting season. I had lots of fun and hope you did too.

Steve Evans (coach)

Year 6 White

It’s been another great season of football for the boys with a big milestone reached for a few of the players.  Darcy Roden and Jack Cameron were the first to reach 50 games on the same day, followed a few weeks later by Riley King and then Tom Egger and Khai Heah the following week.

The core of the group have been together since Auskick and this season welcomed in Tom White, Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Josh Harrison and James Hosking, all of whom have been great acquisitions.

All the boys have shown continued improvement and have handled all positions on the field very well with everyone being a goal scorer by mid-season.  The rotations have given the boys a good try in all positions.  Some have shown that they are very well suited to some positions. Campbell Marley has developed into a gutsy backman.  Riley King has stepped up and can bulldoze the ball forward in packs with his big size.  Hayden King is taking fantastic overhead marks and likes to add firepower up forward. Shaun Miller, Kyle Birch, Khai Heah,  Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Darcy Roden and Tom Egger are all classy players with great ability. Ben Lieschke, Josh Rule, Harry Reid, Tom White, James Hosking and Daniel Withers all put in a big effort every week to help create opportunities.  Josh Harrison is a real speedster who can open up a game with his great gift.  Max Scott and Jack Cameron, our smallest players, don’t hold back to get in and under to win the ball.  Abbey Varney rejoined mid season and is once again showing up some of the boys with her great skill and courage.

The big Friday night Bulldog Derby was something all players loved despite the final score and they look forward to playing under lights again.

Sharyn Rule has once again been the team manager and a big thank you on a magnificent job.  We are indeed blessed to have her in that capacity.

Lindsay Marley has been terrific as assistant coach and his input on game day and at training has been extremely valuable.  Justin Varney has also been much appreciated in the latter part of the season with his technical know-how and ideas.

Many thanks also to all the parents for doing the many jobs that make a footy game memorable and fun for the kids, it just doesn’t happen without their support and cheers.

Finally, I hope to see all the team back again next year to go harder, higher and stronger and with as much enjoyment as this year.

Ian Birch (Coach)

2011 Under 12s Report

As stated in my preseason newsletter we had a number of key focus areas for the season. First and foremost we wanted the boys to continue to develop their basic skills. In particular we wanted the boys to work hard on those skills that they still found challenging. We also had a focus on the further development of game skills and improving the style of footy that we wanted to play. Finally, and very importantly, we aimed to have every one of the players thoroughly enjoy their football.

I am sure that everyone will agree that the boys have enjoyed another very successful season. In my view there are a number of highlights that have contributed to this success. I believe that we all witnessed a marked improvement in the boys’ football in the second half of the season. The boys all seemed to step up a gear. They played with greater intensity, gave 100% for four quarters and were prepared to go in hard to get the ball and to look after their team mates. We also saw the development of a greater sense of team in this part of the season. The boys wanted to work hard for each other, were prepared to share the ball and at times demonstrated some really unselfish play. I gained great pleasure in watching the boys encourage each other and gather around someone who had done something special.

At the beginning of the season we were short of players and it was great to have a number of new faces join us throughout the season. The new guys slotted into the side really quickly and all made a contribution to the team’s success. I was extremely impressed with the manner in which the returning players welcomed the new players into the team. The boys showed a great deal of maturity and character.

Also very pleasing to observe this season was the further development of the boys’ individual skills, the team’s game skills and an overall improvement in our style of play. After each game I would reflect on our strengths and also our areas for improvement. The areas for improvement would more often than not form the focus of our next training session. Throughout the season it was very pleasing to see the things that we had been working so hard on at training starting to feature in the games. Whilst on the subject of training I would like to thank the boys for their fantastic attendance at training throughout the season. We had most boys with us every Thursday and it certainly helped to create that sense of team and to further develop the game skills and strategies.

I have a lot of people to thank for their fantastic contribution to season 2011. First I would like to say a huge thank you to my Assistant Coach Rob Liebeck. Rob’s support and advice, particularly at the beginning of the season, was invaluable and his willingness to get in and do whatever was required to make sure the game went ahead was admirable.

My sincere thanks also to our fantastic Team Manager Les Chidgzey. Having been a Team Manager in the past myself, I know firsthand that it is not the most glamorous job. However, once again, Les has done an outstanding job of making it all happen behind the scenes and always with a smile on his face.

A huge thank you also goes to all of the parents, family members and friends that have supported our wonderful team this season. Without your support it simply doesn’t happen and I know that the boys love having you on the sidelines cheering them on.

On a personal note I would like to thank all of the parents for their support and encouragement during my first year of coaching.

I have saved my biggest thank you for the real stars of the show…the players. Boys, you really are a terrific bunch of kids. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved this season and also of the way in which you have conducted yourselves both on and off the field. It has been a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic, respectful and fun group. Enjoy your off season and I really hope that you will all be back to represent the Mighty Bulldogs once again in season 2012.

Simon Maton (Coach)

2011 Under 13s Report

The season for this team started off in doubt with only 15 boys coming back.  Many of these have been around since Auskick and 9’s. Many thanks to Mike Kehoe for ringing around and finding Applecross JFC in a similar position with 7 boys needing a place to play. They joined Booragoon and together this group of boys have become a formidable group by winning 13 of 15 rounds, finishing second in the minor rounds and beating top side Attadale. The team then played Attadale in the second semi final and won by 43 points  8.4 (52) v 0.9 (9).

Grand Final day was Booragoon’s Premiership day, the boys brought home the flag in emphatic style running out winners by 31 points  8.6 54 v 3.5 23,  stamping their authority over Attadale winning three of the four clashes between the teams. Bayley Waddell also being awarded best player on ground.

What a year for this team – a premiership, the best player in the association and the best player on Grand Final day.

Congratulations to the trophy winners on their awards and to the East Fremantle Association Fairest & Best Nominees: Josh Dean  third position; Bayley Waddell sixth position; Kristian Morisey Association Fairest & Best winner.  And congratulations to the rest of the boys for an outstanding effort and performance in representing the Booragoon JFC.

Obviously the season could not go ahead without some special thanks on behalf of the boys and myself to the following:

  • Mike Kehoe, Football Manager, Player Welfare Manager, Communications Media Officer
  • John ‘Strachnie’ Svensson, Interchange Steward, Property Manager, Pumping up Footballs Coordinator
  • Tim Pope, Water Runner, Refreshments Manager
  • Storme John, Team Runner, Assistant Coach
  • Peter Ken Casellas Hardie, Stats Board
  • Andrew Stephen, Assistant Coach
  • Merryl Main, Canteen Manager

Last but not least Mr Football, Shane Gray, Assistant Coach and Overseas talent scout. Without your behind the scenes help none of the above would have happened, cheers mate.

Finally to you the parents thanks for supporting the team in any capacity and thanks for being there in support of your son throughout the season


Kingsley Morisey (Coach)

2011 Under 14s Report

Congratulations to the boys on their 2011 season. We just missed out on playing finals by half a game. If I were writing this after a Grand Final win I would be waxing lyrical about season superiority, dominance and such like superlatives and everybody would be pumping out their chests. We didn’t win the Premiership but that makes me no less proud of our boys. Let’s look at the season in two frames; Firstly we won as many games as we lost. Now lets put a microscope on that. Disregarding one poor performance, our average losing margin across the entire season was a mere 10 points. Less than 2 goals. This is telling me the boys never tossed in the towel. Only one side had a lower ‘against’ percentage. Secondly, our average winning margin was over eight goals. This reads as the boys staying focused and working hard right to the final siren.

History will record the scores, but the coaching staff will take so much more out of season 2011. Watching the boys hone their skills and developing an understanding of the importance of team play but also build lifelong friendships with teammates, some with football as their only common thread. I was very impressed having them all turn up to training after a loss, knowing its going to be tough. Confronting the coach with reasons why they can’t train full tilt. These are the character builders that the boys have come through with flying colours. I’ve had occasion to ride individuals on training nights when they seem all at sea and on not one occasion have I seen the boys ‘ride’ them. Each time they have got in behind with words of encouragement. These are the things that parents should be so proud of, building solid young men of character. Bring on season 2012.

Congratulations to Jamie Meade who played his 100th game with the club.

Thanks to Julie and Rosie.

Neville Meade (Coach)