Britt in the News

Booragoon JFC Under 15s Player Brittaney Gonsalves made it into the news this week after an excellent first season.


YANGEBUP resident Brittaney Gonsalves was not a football fan before taking it up earlier this year, but it does not appear to be holding her back.

The 14-year-old scooped the Booragoon Junior Football Club’s Under-15s fairest and best award after following friends to the club for season 2016.

It was not the only win for the defender, who was also invited to a number of talent identification days run in the lead up to the new AFL women’s league.

She is too young to be drafted at this stage but said she was enjoying the opportunities.

“I’ve heard about what scouts are looking for, research into opposition players, what food professional players eat and how they prepare for matches,” she said.

The full article is available here.

2016 Under 12 Girls


Left Photo: Alyssa Foster, Jade Jerome, Amy Ivandich, Shoniquah Wilson-Bandy, Amelia Tooker, Ava Hagger
Right Photo: Tayla Keillor (Asst Coach ), Jasmin Hall, Alyssa Foster, Jade Jerome, Amy Ivandich, Ellie Suriano, Ben Tooker (Coach), Amelia Tooker

I brought my daughter down to the club at the beginning of the year to see if she would be interested in playing Australian Football.  A few weeks in and I was approached to assist with the training.  Before I knew it I had been nominated the head coach and was wracking my brain trying to remember my junior footy days and the drills we used to do 30+ years ago. The assistant coach Tayla was a big help here as she has a much better knowledge of modern training structure and drills than I.

The girls bonded quickly and showed a level of skill and tenacity that was far beyond what I was expecting.  The team developed well throughout the year and it was a real pleasure to watch their skills improve.  It was also great to see the girls start using tactics like quick handpasses and marking up without having to think about what they were doing.  Despite our small numbers I felt that we outperformed the other teams in most of the games we played and had heaps of fun in every match along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the season, and Milly and I will be back next year.  I think we will see some of these girls in the Women’s Football League in the not too distant future.

Gooooo Bulldogs – WOOF WOOF!

Ben Tooker (Coach)

2016 Year 10s


Back: Tony Grosse (Runner), Scott Lieschke (Coach), Jason Lewins, Jack Redman, Nicholas Steber, James Lieschke, Kody Eaton, Andrew Trefry, Juno Bevilaqua, Alex Savery, Levi Burns, Geoff Rule (Asst Coach), Olly Standing (Team Manager)
Middle: George Wessels, Reed Walker, Mitchell Rudrum, Declan Thompson, Brayden Forrest, Mason Grosse, Cameron Alexander, Curtis Mitchell, Alexander Piper-Hyman, Graeme Fitzgerald (Runner)
Front: Daniel Brown, Thomas Montauban, Adam Rule, Ethan Gozzi, Conor Mannix, Kyle Robertson, Luke Rule, Lachlan Standing, Lachlan Fitzgerald
Absent: Dylan Veitch (inset), Mitch Thomas (inset), Isaac Waddell, Justin Matthys

2016 was the first season of Year 10 competing in the Fremantle Conference League. After initial concerns about whether we would have enough players, a small number of parents launched an audacious recruiting drive, resulting in the signing of 10 new players. Unfortunately due to registration policies, we were even forced to turn away some players who wanted to join our ‘destination’ club.

With an influx of new players this season our aim was to welcome the new players and their families and to engage these families with the true ‘Bulldog spirit’. A very social jumper presentation was held as much for the players as for engaging the new parents and families who joined our club this season.

The late start to training and early season start led to some positive potentialities and a practice game against a slick Manning Rippers team. Our new players were unveiled and the season ahead looked to be off to a bright start. Winning the round 1 grading carnival was a big boost and brought with it great expectations for the season ahead.

Adopting a mantra of ‘Run, Contest, Talk and Encourage’ and an attitude of each quarter starting at ‘nil all’ (with an aim to win the quarter), our season was in full swing.

Frustratingly, as the season unfolded we were beset with many injuries that even had us scrambling for extra players (even though we thought we would be required to rest players each game – a worry that rarely eventuated). Injuries to key players meant that our proposed game-plan, structures and positional selections were rarely able to be repeated throughout the year.

A very even competition (despite some blowout scores) meant almost every game was winnable. This resulted in us being in the four for the first 12 rounds despite having only 4 wins. With 6 teams vying for the 3rd and 4th positions on the ladder we had to fight to regain our finals position after moving out of the four for the first time in the season in round 13. A series of ‘sudden death’ clashes starting in round 14 resulted in us cementing our position in the finals prior to the last round. We experienced an amazing ‘roller-coaster’ of emotions in our round 14 clash against South Coogee (our first sudden death game) when we went from thinking we had lost the game (and our finals chances) by a point, to thinking we had drawn the game, to finding out we had actually won the game by a point and were on a march to the finals.

With players returning from injury resulting in our ability to field our strongest sides, an increased attack on the ball and intensity in running and tackling, we played our best football for the season over the last few week of the season, leading to success in the first semi final against Jandakot white, (a team that we had lost to 3 times during the season). Unfortunately we fell just short against Mundijong in the preliminary final, after being even on the scoreboard at 3/4 time. Many would argue that we had a greater percentage of the ball and more inside 50s in the prelim, but we lost in the only stat that matters in finals – total points scored. The preliminary final loss was a case of ‘so near and yet so far’, one that really got away! It was amazing how ‘gutted’ losing a junior football final can leave you.

During the last 5 games, the team raised the bar in many areas. Our ferocious tackling, our forward pressure and our run out of the backline would have surprised the opposing clubs, and I believe we have started to build a confidence and psychology of ‘belief’ in ourselves that we can take forwards into 2017.

Special recognition must go to our captain, Brayden Forrest, who was awarded the Fremantle conference Fairest and Best medal after a stellar season. Congratulations Brayden on a magnificent achievement.

Congratulations to our Club award winners; Brayden Forrest a worthy club F & B winner, capping off a great season, Levi Burns R/U F & B, Reed Walker being awarded the most improved after an outstanding season in the backline, Joint Best Clubman award winners Lachie Standing and Adam Rule, and the Coaches award winner, Thomas ‘Monty’ Montauban.

Many thanks to a wonderful and supportive parent group for your assistance during the season. I believe we possibly have the best parent group in the entire conference, with everyone prepared to do their part. Thank you to all the families new to the club this season, you have been integral to our success this season. Thank you to all the ‘old’ families who have remained loyal to this team for many years. Special thanks to those with the major roles during the season, Olly Standing as team manager, Grossey and Fitzy as runners and on game day warm ups, Andrew and Helen on first aid and Jackie and Cheryl on the i-pads. I would also like to acknowledge our weekly sponsor, Applecross Pizza for their support.

Lastly, thank you to the stars of the show, the players that made up our side this season. You have taught us heaps! It has been a memorable season. We hope the boys have learnt something new, whether it is about football, life or just being a part of something, and we look forwards to your return to the club in 2017.

Scott Lieschke and Geoff Rule (Joint Coaches)

2016 Year 8 Whites


Back: Steve Dropulich (Manager), Graeme Fitzgerald (Coach), Lachie Ballantine, Leigh Wardell-Johnson (Asst. Coach), Roosevelt Williams, Thomas Gerovich, Jasper Stewart, Jake Thygesen, Benedict Nwannukwu, Bet Chamnan, Charles Casale, Ethan Lewins, Andrew Gerovich, Bernard Nwannukwu, Kyle MacDonald, Alex Marchese, Troy Irwin (Asst. Coach), Lachlan Wild, Nick Casale, Paul MacDonald
Front: Hamish Wardell-Johnson, Connor Fitzgerald, Jad Dropulich, Luke Frampton, Ryan Leong, Declan Ryan, Jackson Halse, Lochlan Irwin
Absent: Cameron Webb (inset), Liam Barnett (inset), Ethan Cook, Heidi Cook (Manager)

Firstly, I would like to thank our assistant coaches for their contribution this year, especially over the time I was away overseas. Paul “Macca” McDonald has hardly missed a training all year and is always reliable and is a great positive role model for the boys. Troy “Tank” Irwin has taken on the backline this year and can be well pleased with his performance with our team having the best defence in the league and conceding the least points in the entire competition for the home and away season. Nick “Up there” Casale had the difficult job of Boardman and did a fantastic job getting the boys on and off the field. Leigh “Two Dads” Wardell-Johnson was our skills man and his knowledge of the game has been an invaluable asset for our team.

A big thankyou to Steve Dropulich and Heidi Cook for their roles as team managers. We are very lucky to have 2 such organised people doing this job. Nothing is too much trouble and they just get on and get things done.

Special thanks to Mark Thygesen and Wayne Frampton for running our first aid. I know there have been some games where they have been quite busy and this can be quite a stressful job. I would also like to thank Pat Leong for helping out at training, running water on game day and being available to assist wherever possible. Thanks also to Chris Ryan for running the i-pad each week and well done to all other parent helpers on game days.

The season started where we only had two boys not returning from last year. Stacey Collier started the season with us, then graduated to the East Fremantle Youth team in the WAWFL. Disappointingly Ethan Cook broke his thumb in the first 5 minutes of the first game. This was his 2nd fracture in two seasons (it was 2nd game last year) and he decided he would give footy a miss for the rest of the year and concentrate on his tennis.

We had four new boys join the team this year. Benny and Bernie Bollum had their first season playing footy, Jasper Stewart returned after a season playing in the country and Roosevelt Williams returned after a season break from footy.

At the end of last year we spoke to the boys and advised that if they wanted to continue to play footy they needed to try to develop a competitive edge. This is the year that “edge” arrived and I can genuinely say we have a fantastic team. The boys bonded well, enjoyed each other’s company and played for each other and their team. At no stage in any game did they ever give up or stop believing.

I thought I would now write about what I loved about coaching this year and why my 11th year as a coach at Booragoon has been my favourite.

  • Bet’s extreme pace and power running off half back
  • Ginger’s strength to stay on his feet, keep the ball in front and execute terrific tackles
  • Wildy’s fierce competitiveness and straight run off half back
  • Thomas’s terrific strong hands and ability to take a great grab forward
  • Jacko’s hard attack on the ball and fierce tackling for a small bloke
  • Razza’s love of the tight in close contests and willingness to work at the bottom of the pack
  • Hammer’s fantastic skills by foot and hand and ability to slow the game and hit up a target
  • Jasper’s amazing kicking ability and skill at hitting up a target at 40-50 metres
  • Benny’s run, chase, raw speed and ability to get to as many contests as he can
  • Al’s sharp shooting around goal and willingness to work hard at training
  • Gero’s fast run and carry of the ball forward as well as terrific high marking
  • Liam’s improvement across the season and ability to take a strong mark
  • Cam’s clever evasion and ability to kick a goal when forward
  • Dropo’s beautiful raking left foot kick and being part of that hard working backline
  • Machine’s determination to impact as many games as possible and fierce tackling
  • Ballas’s ferocious attack on the ball, attack on the ball carrier and attack on the contest
  • Roo’s raw athletic ability to jump, to mark, to run and fierce competitiveness
  • Bernie’s love of playing footy, to train hard, to run hard and really worry the opposition
  • Fitzy’s explosive attack to hit the ball and execute a full range of skills at extreme pace
  • Kebabs rucking and ability to run all day with a fantastic raking kick. Deserved MOST IMPROVED AWARD
  • Frammo’s role at fullback, hardly missed a training all season and being one of the most dependable members of the team. An apt winner of BEST TEAM MAN AWARD
  • Jake Thygo’s hard work all season whether it be at training, playing as a strong forward or stepping in to help out rucking. He had a great season and was a pleasure to coach and much deserves his COACHES AWARD
  • Dec’s steely approach to his footy, taking charge and making the backline his as well as his ability to hold the ball until he was confident he could hit a target. Dec very much deserved his RUNNER UP FAIREST AND BEST AWARD
  • Chucky’s great all round season. His high marking, his work at ground level and his ability to take on the opposition and run and carry the ball. Charles led the team all year with his performance and deserved being voted the team’s FAIREST AND BEST

Finishing 2nd on the ladder after the home and away season was a great result for this team. When this report had to be in and go to print our season was still incomplete as we still have a Preliminary final and depending on that result, a Grand Final ahead.

Graeme  “Fitzy” Fitzgerald (Coach)

2016 Year 4 Whites


Back: Michael Allen (Assistant Coach), Andrew Auret (Manager), Michael Farrant (Coach)
Middle: Lucas O’Brien, Isaac Beitmanas, Josh Farrant, James Pollard, Lachlan Caddy, Luke Barwise, Charles Allen, Riley Auret
Front: Tom Savage, Ben Kivelhan, Tim Glazier, Daniel Parry, Leo Bolton, Kade Gilmore, Lindsay Corbett

After enduring a rigorous off-season of intense trading and astute drafting with some players moving on to greener pastures and new talent coming in, the White team started the season proper with an even fifteen on the list.

As expected skills were somewhat rusty in the early season games, however to their credit the team’s endeavour in terms of effort couldn’t be faulted and this was a theme that continued throughout the season.

With the season progressing the skill level started to lift and at times there was some exciting end to end link up play which was wonderful to see. A couple of midseason highlights included a Friday night Derby against the Year 4 Reds and another Sunday Derby against the Year 4 Blues which produced a tense but good spirited match.

However I believe the standout games for the team, parents and coaching staff this year would have to be the last two games against a very physical Piara Waters side who got off to a great start and a cracker of a last game against a very talented, hard working Riverton team.

The team was down in the first quarter against Piara Waters but came back hard and up until half time Riverton had the team’s measure but a wonderful fight back in the second half provided a glowing testament to the team’s character of never giving up.

It has been an absolute privilege to coach the boys this year and being involved in helping them to continue to grow, both in terms of their footy skills and especially in character. The consistent effort and support for each other throughout the season has been wonderful to watch.

I’d like to thank Mike Allen (assistant coach) for both his time and energy and Andrew Auret (team manager) for allowing me to concentrate on coaching and ensuring the season ran smoothly.

Also an extra special thanks to all the parents who attended training and the games. We had a very enthusiastic core group who provided massive encouragement and support at training and throughout out the season not only to our boys but also the opposition teams.

On behalf of Mike, Andrew and myself have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you all again next preseason.

Michael Farrant (Coach)

2016 Year 9s


Back: Jerry Kovac, Meegan Bourne (Team Manager), Cameron Santaromita, Lindsay Marley (Asst. Coach), Harrison Cormack, Lewis Thom, Riley Downey, Zane Minotti, Callum Green, Blair Marley, Kade Burns, Digby Marshall, Darcy Cronin, Thomas Schmidt-Wilkes, Matthew Logothetis, Mark Downey (Coach)
Front: Jai Thomas, Riley Bourne, Hamish Thomson, Jethro James, Julian Amara, Daniel Schmidt (C), Josh Harris-Walker, Samuel Ryan, Kai Katnich, Keldon Wain
Absent: Joshua Morisey (inset), Patrick Fox (inset), Michael Raphael (inset)

It only seemed like yesterday when pre-season training started! A great healthy turnout over the first hot weeks of late February saw the Boys put through their paces.

With a couple of retirees off to pursue other sports, we were enormously lucky to welcome Harrison Cormack and Cameron Santaromita to our squad. It was even better to have Kia Katnich back from his 2015 round ball exploits, as we settled into Round 1 with a squad of 26.

With a mantra of Fitter, Stronger, Harder, Longer during pre-season, the training sessions were run at a fairly intense pace. Training was designed to match our playing style of hard-running with high skill execution under pressure.

This year the Players voted in a Leadership Group and it was with much pleasure on Jumper Presentation Night that we announced that Julian Amara, Jethro James, Joshua Harris Walker were joint Vice Captains and the Team Captain of the year was unanimously Daniel Schmidt.

Our first eight games saw us collect 6 wins and 2 losses having us sitting 3rd on the ladder.
The last eight games of the Home and Away season saw our record extend to 13 wins and 3 losses. Finishing the year in 3rd position.

A couple of highlights during the regular season was Harry’s 80m goal after the siren. And Sam Ryan’s absolute screamer of a mark.

Onto the 2016 Premiership Finals.
The 1st Semi Final saw us play against a challenging Rossmoyne Team; who were certainly on the improve during the season. Fortunately, the Boys turned up with a great mindset and literally blew Rossmoyne away with a dominant hard running game to come out winners by 84 points.

The next week saw us face our historical rivals, Applecross. In a form reversal, we struggled against a formidable opposition. They came out full of run and vigour and we found ourselves on the back foot after the first quarter. From then on the games was more even as we settled into matchups and structure. Unfortunately, it was too little too late and our run of consecutive Grand Final appearances had come to an end.

I did say to the Boys at the end of the 2015 season that they were all on a 5 year football journey before they enter senior football. There would be lots of bumps and bruises and ups and downs. Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose and as hard as the losses are to swallow they will learn more about themselves. Which can only be positive!

Huge “Thank you” to Meegan Bourne our fantastic TEAM MANAGER.

Organising two Teams (Year 7’s) as well as the Year 9’s, with the many game day demands and Bylaws is never easy. So we are all truly indebted to Meegan for keeping us on the right path.

Thank you to Layton Bourne for his tireless efforts as a Runner, Boundary Umpire and Water carrier during the season. You did a fantastic job, Layton!

To all the parents and “volunteers” Meegan and I THANK YOU. We appreciated all of your assistance as I’m sure your boys did.

Special thanks to Lisa Kovac, Kim Thomas, Mitch Thomas and Layton Bourne for running the Boundary.

Eddie Kovac and Ian Minotti for acting as Runners relaying messages out to the onfield players.

Huge thanks also to Graham and Leanne Cormack for organising the water for the Team. They were there for every training session and every game. Also thanks to Graham, Lou and Adrian for running water on gameday.

We are all truly indebted to the great Coaching of Lindsay Marley. Thank you also to Kingsley Morisey for his assistance at training over the season and for Running on game days.

As the game gets quicker and the players get bigger the role of the First Aiders becomes more important. So I would like to sincerely thank Kate Fox and Marie Schmidt for all of their professionalism and diligence rendering aide over the season. It is always a good sign when they have a quiet day.

Thank you also to Paul Logothetis. Week in week out Paul “ran” the Interchange for the Team. With a full squad of Players available on most Game days and the requirement to manage game time, this is a very important role. We tended to average around 80-90 interchanges per game. That is never easy! Thanks heaps Paul.

Congratulations to all the players who tried out for the respective District Development Squads. Well done to Daniel Schmidt, Joshua Harris-Walker, Kia Katnich, Samuel Ryan and Thomas Wilkes-Schmidt on making it through to the East Fremantle District WAFL Development Squad.

I remain very proud of all the player’s achievements over the season. A very rewarding year in skill development and game understanding. Well done to everyone involved.

Mark Downey (Coach)

2016 Auskick Pre-Primary


Back: Rory McAllister (Coach), Daniel Schmidt (Coach)
Middle: Taj Sullivan, Harrison De-Felice, Reeve Cailes-Spence, Hugo Patching, Max Woods, Carter Pratt, Jude McAllister
Front: Boston Whincup, Lachlan Bell, Lachlan Raddock, Cassius Wilson-Bandy, Isaac Eastaugh
Absent: Jarrad Dean, Alex Goddard, Samuel Morin, Veer Raikundalia, Cooper Rose

Congratulations Pre Primary Bulldogs on a fantastic first season of Auskick!

The improvement in each and every one of you from the first week of the season to the carnival at Rossmoyne last week was incredible!

Our main focus for this very important first year of AFL was learning the basic skills and the correct technique needed for these skills such as hand balling, kicking, marking, talking and probably most important of all – LISTENING. There was massive improvement in every one of these areas so well done champions!

It was an absolute privilege to coach all of you future stars this year and I enjoyed every minute (almost :)) of it. I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as me and most importantly had fun learning the greatest sport on the planet.

I would to thank all of the parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties and anyone else that helped make this year so much fun and assisted with washing jumpers, oranges etc.
I would also like to thank Daniel Schmidt for his commitment this year as assistant coach and for putting up with me yelling at him so much. Thanks Daniel – great job mate!

Thank you to Brooke for managing the team and a massive thank you to Renee Cailes for taking over as manager and doing a brilliant job!

I hope this season of AFL was the first of many more to come for you champion Bulldogs!

Who are we? BULLDOGS…

Rory McAllister (Coach)

2016 Auskick Year 2


Back: Dean Motton (Coordinator) Mark Ainsworth (Coach), Tim Gilliland (Team Manager)
Middle: Xavier Tooker, Joe Robins, Alex Budge, Sam Gardner, Marcus Motton, Zack Ainsworth, Andrew Renouf, Leo Whincop, Lincoln Ross
Middle: Daniel Cortez, Michael Gerovich, Callum Cumming, Taylan Wain, Adam Glass, Angus Johnstone, Ben Cunnold, Kiel Bolton, Mitchell Parker, Campbell Baldaccino
Front: Kai Milward, Kieran Ho , Jai Gilliland, Matthew Smith, Fletcher Brown, Mitchel Belton
Absent: Nathan Abramoff, Oscar Biddle, Michael Beahan Warman, Rene Catovic, Bryn Fairclough, George Fellows, Matthew Fowlie, Zac Goddard, Mitchell Hinton-Cox, Tom Larson, Kelly Patten, Alex Sanchez, Matt Brown (Coach), Simon Biddle (Coach)

Year 2 Auskick started the season with 39 kids, the majority returning from the previous year with the addition of some handy recruits. It was a busy year with 4 games against Canning Vale at the kennel, a carnival at East Fremantle oval, an under lights game against Mt Pleasant Mounties, home and away fixture against Attadale and the Rossmoyne carnival to wrap up the season. The highlight for me was the games against the “Mounties” which our boys were younger, out-sized and not as developed but not one of our “terriers” gave up the fight, with enthusiasm taking a back seat to determination.

Along with all the skills training a big focus this year was teamwork and bringing your teammates into the game. With the skills and teamwork progressing parents who turned out rain or shine were treated to some exciting passages of footy, evidenced at the Rossmoyne carnival with some precise kicking, running to space and great marking after the ball was kicked out at full back, making its way to the forward line and resulting in a goal without touching the ground or the opposition laying a hand on the ball.

A huge thank you to Tim Gilliland for managing the team, from keeping us all organised, washing the jumpers (thanks Felicity) to bringing oranges and the boys favourite (lollies) for after the game. Also a big thanks for pulling on your coaches shirt when the need arose, cheers mate.

On behalf of Coach Matt, Coach Simon and myself we would like to thank all the parents who helped throughout the year from setting up to packing up, goal umpiring, being involved in training and supporting our Bulldogs.

A big shout out to Dean (Auskick Coordinator) for organising our games against our opposition this year and generally making Sunday morning run smooth. Big shoes to fill with Dean stepping down.

To all of the Bulldogs, really great season boys, keep working on your skills and we’ll see you next season.

Mark Ainsworth, Matt Brown, Simon Biddle (Coaches)

2016 Year 3 Blue


Back: Angus Scott, Max King, Jamie Nuttall, Harry Newman, Jacob Perna, Bailey Browning
Front: Isaac Pereira, Alessandro Osorio, Aryan Shreedhar, Finlay Yeo, Joshua Kelly
Absent: Lachlan Allanson, Rio Amaro, Will Potter, Steve King (Coach), Nat Shreedhar (Team Manager)

Congrat’s team we’ve made it through another season!

This year the Year 3s were split into two groups with 14 players making up the “Blue” team.  Training was conducted on Thursday afternoons.

2016 saw the boys step up from Auskick with several ‘firsts’ for the year.  These included; regularly playing home and away matches against the other footy clubs in the East Fremantle District, using the size 2 balls for the first time and learning and applying the wrap tackle.

Throughout the season we focused on improving ball skills (kicks, handballs & marks), being first to the ball, running into space, teamwork, tackling, positions on the field, and most of all having some fun and mateship.

From the very start of the season it was great to watch the boys listen, learn, and try new things.  I’m sure everyone will agree that all of the boys have improved, and finished the year playing with great teamwork. The handball and run out of defence has been a highlight, along with the general uplift in both skill level and confidence from the boys.

To the parents; thanks, obviously things just don’t happen without people getting involved, so again thanks for bringing the boys down to each training session and game day, washing the jumpers, providing oranges, goal umpiring, timekeeping, and helping out at training.

A special thanks to Nat Shreedhar (Team Manager) whose wise words and efficient admin throughout the year were a great calming influence.  To Dan and Kel, thanks guys for helping out at training.

Finally it’s been a joy to coach and watch some spectacular displays of team footy from the boys.  Yes lads we definitely surprised a few teams and a few parents too!, you should all be very proud.

Well done and congratulations to all the players, you have been a fantastic bunch to coach and I hope to see you all back next year.

Steve King (Coach)

2016 Year 4 Reds


Back: Tim Bell (Coach)
Middle: Caleb Vyse, Liam Sharp, , Jonathon Rackham, Elijah Vandersteen, Isaac Quadros, William Yeomans, Benjamin Hunt
Front: Levi Vandersteen, James Bell, Declan Short, Samuel Major, Max Beasley, Lucas Cook
Absent: Neil Rackham & Lachelle Vandersteen (Team Managers)

What an awesome year under the Friday Night Lights!!

In what was the first year of competitive football for most of our boys, our team exceeded expectations in so many ways. Seeing the way they have gelled together as a team, the improvement in their skills, and many individual highlights has been great fun. The support of the families has also been fantastic with an enjoyable atmosphere every week.

We started a bit light on for numbers after a broken arm and a car collision before week one, but both boys showed their toughness to be back on the field for the second half of the season. Our two super talented Year Threes played up for the whole year and had a big impact on the game. Seven of our 14 Boys kicked a goal in their first season, and all players got a good share of the ball.

The thing that impressed me most about my team was their desire and fighting spirit, especially in their tackling. Every player played every game out to the final siren and went hard into every contest. In many games our fourth quarter was our best quarter and we wore down some bigger and more experienced sides over the course of the game.

The opportunity to play on Friday nights for the whole season has been fantastic and allowed a lot of boys to join the club that would otherwise not have been able to play. We are very grateful to Booragoon JFC and the East Fremantle District for giving us this chance, and I believe that the team has made the most of the opportunity. If anyone else knows potential players that could play  Friday nights, please let me know for next year.

As we work on our skills over the offseason, and continue to learn how to position and lead to the ball, we have a great foundation for a successful football team. I look forward to hopefully coaching this group, and a few extra recruits, for another great season next year.

Tim Bell (Coach)