BJFC 2020 AGM Results

The BJFC 2020 AGM was held on Saturday 16 November 2020. Thank you to all those that attended – it was nice to see both new and familiar faces around the table. At the meeting, the 2021 fees and 2020 reports were approved and the positions were filled as listed further  below.

We would like to thank our outgoing president John Watters who did a great job over the last two years. His efforts are highly appreciated and he will be missed.

We would also like to thank Lindsay Marley who has stepped down from his Vice President role. He has been with the club in varied positions for over a decade and has decided to step down from his official position although remaining a general committee member in the meantime.  His efforts have been invaluable throughout the years.

The role of Auskick Coordinator is the only currently named vacant position and we encourage our current auskick members and families to please consider stepping up for this role.

The next committee meeting is to be held on Tuesday 8 December at 7:30pm and we invite anyone who may be interested in the auskick role or joining as a general committee member to come along – the location will be confirmed closer to the date. Please mark the date in your calendars! We need more general committee members to come on board and support the club by taking on small jobs or an activity through the season to allow the named committee members to focus on their roles. This is what builds a strong club and enables our players to have a consistent playing experience with our club throughout the years they play.

The 2021 Committee is as follows:

President: Renee Cailes
Vice President: Kurt Chambers
Vice President (Girls): Jo Webb
Secretary: Helen Nolan
Treasurer: Steve Gerovich
Registrar: Gail Della Marta
Coaching Coordinator: Cameron Bell
Equipment Coordinator: Sue Williams
Apparel Coordinator: Danny Nolan
Sponsorship Coordinator: Justin McMillan
Auskick Coordinator: VACANT
General Committee:
Phill Dean, Lindsay Marley & Peter Spence

Earlybird registrations are open and planning for the 2021 season is underway. We are looking forward to having what we hope will be a return to a normal season and seeing our players back on the field with their mates, playing the game they love!!

BJFC Committee