2015 Year 1s

2015 Team Y01

Back: Justin O’Brien(Coach) Tim Gilliland(Coach) Rene Catovic, Xavier Tooker, Matthew Smith, Leo Whincop, Oscar Biddle, Daniel Cortez, Kiel Bolton, Mitchell Belton, Cooper O’Malley, Austin Greene, Michael Beahan Warman, Fletcher Brown, Simon Biddle (Coach), Matt Brown(Coach)
Middle: Campbell Baldacchino, Samuel Gardner, Zac Goddard, Alexander Budge, Michael Gerovich, Marcus Motton, Jai Gilliland, Mitchell Parker, Kenneth Cheong, Tom Larson, Zack Ainsworth, Andrew Renouf
Front: Liz Warman (Team Manager) Benjamin Schibler, Kelly Pattern, Ben Cunnold, Matthew Fowlie, Kieran Ho, Oliver O’Brien, Campbell Mundy, Adam Glass, Callum Cumming, Lincoln Ross, Helena Dunn, Kai Milward, Maxwell Cherian, Mitchell Hinton-Cox, Ryan McCarthy
Absent: Nathan Abramoff, George Fellows, Kael Meddows-Taylor, Xavier Paterson, Kiran Truninger Johnson, Emily Huigens, Rosilee Smith, Baily Browning, Hunter Cairns

Over forty kids signed on for year 1 Auskick at Booragoon Junior Football club in 2015. It was great to welcome back so many familiar faces as well as to welcome some new additions to the squad. Tim and I were also lucky enough to be joined by Matt and Simon in the coaching box. Both guys bought new ideas and enthusiasm to the mix so thanks for that. Liz also signed on for another year as team manager, a huge thanks to her for all her efforts over the season.

We had another fantastic year at Auskick with some really enthusiastic kids backed up by some willing parents who always happy to get involved and help out. The kids skills really came along this season and the coaches were all able to share some great moments with the kids as the skills started to click. A highlight for me was one young fellow who discovered that you don’t have to kick with the right foot, for some of us the left foot is much better. Apart from the goal kicking displays every week at the North end of the ground for the assembled parent’s enjoyment, I think that the favourite skills activity this year was the tackle bag and “specie” pad work that coach Tim introduced towards the end of the season.

As the skills developed so too did the quality of the Auskick matches, though fortunately there were no specie marks and/or victims this year. Instead we were able to see the kids starting to handball and kick pass with purpose and beginning to learn about moving into space on the field. Those skills were put into action at the Rossmoyne Carnival this year in which we were able to field two teams that played with great spirit and skill. So well done to all the kids for the hard work over the year to improve their AFL skills.

A final thanks to all the parents who got involved on the day and who practiced with their kids during the week. The joy that the kids get from playing with Mum or Dad always catches me by surprise, even with my older son, so keep it up over the summer and we will see you all back in 2016 for Year 2 Auskick.

Justin O;Brien, Tim Gilland, Matt Brown, Simon Biddle (Coaches)

2015 Pre-Primary

2015 Team PP

Back Row: Greg Hart (Coach), Brad Coster(Coach) Tyson Monie, Amelia Green, Luke Deakin, Caden Fogarty., Kai Lowrey., Casey Hart, Leon Lowrey, Duke Ricciardi, Billy Ryan, Richard Gerovich, Oscar Cordina, Elizabeth Kivelhan, Hamish Mundy, Bruce Mitchell , George Harrison (Coach)
Second Row: Josh Coster, Oscar Carroll, Matthew Mitchell, Benjamin Renouf, Liam Bailey, Lachlan Morin, Toby Officer, Jerome Tan, Thomasz Wescott-Johnson, Ari Malyniak, Leon Tavani, Zac Anderson, Matthew Power
Third Row: Hamish Deakin, Dewi Jones, Sara Nikolic, Kieran Morar,Riley Dean, Bradley Goodlet, Lucas Morisey, Hudson Woods-Smith, Oliver Horley, Samuel Chambers, Dash Peake, William Harrison, Oliver Yeo
Front Row: Charlotte Dempsey, Kayla Clarke, Jay Richards,, Roy Lucas, Jeremy Cordina (Coach) Brock Wilkinson,Ryan Harold, Matthew Caporn, Matthew Longa, Ryan Fasher, Zac Ivandich
Absent: Izaek Bodur, Nicholas Fraser, Sebastian Kirke, Beau Miles, Sebastian Nuttall, Flynn Paterson, Horace Pearson, Che Trundle

We had 56 Pre Primary Auskickers this year which was a great turn out! The Pre Primary Auskickers improved significantly over the year. We really focussed on skills and teamwork this year and it was great to see sharing of the ball and great comradely within the team.

On behalf of the coaches I would like to thank all of those who helped out with the sessions particularly our team Manager Scott Green who kept us all organised. The Pre Primary Auskickers have been a delight to coach and we look forward to seeing them all next year as they grow towards their destiny as superstars of the AFL.

Jeremy Cordina, George Harrison, Brad Coster and Greg Hart (Coaches)

Murlpirrmarra Connection Cultural Football Carnival

Darren Patten is the CEO of the Murlpirrmarra Connection, and one of our Auskick parents.

The seventh annual Murlpirrmarra Connection Cultural Football Carnival between the Wiluna Martu Eagles and the Dalkeith Nedlands Junior Football Club (Melvista Oval, Nedlands) is taking place in Perth over the long weekend on 29th May – 1st June, 2015, coinciding with Reconciliation Week and WA Day.

The yearly carnival brings together young players from the Wiluna Martu Eagles and the Dalkeith Nedlands Junior Football Club (Dalkeith) in a unique team-building weekend that combines highly skilled football with educational activities and plenty of fun for all.

The annual carnival culminates with the highly-anticipated football match between the two young teams and the presentation of the Murlpirrmarra Perpetual Cup.

Booragoon JFC players feel free to attend after Sunday morning’s BJFC Auskick, you are more than welcome.

Nedlands Junior Football Club is at Melvista Oval, Nedlands. Bounce down is 12PM.





Auskick 2014

This year Auskick numbers swelled to over 165 players, and it was great to see the big crowds of families at Karoonda oval every Sunday morning. Some of the highlights for the year were having 56 of our young Auskickers represent the Bulldogs at the Fremantle v North Melbourne Anzac Day match. The kids got to play a game at half time at Patersons Stadium as well as watch their heroes in action. The Booragoon Auskick carnival was another huge success with eight clubs participating and over 1500 players and spectators up at our club on the Friday night. It was a huge night with everyone enjoying watching the kids play under lights.

This year Josh Farrant was chosen to represent the Bulldogs as the East Fremantle Sharks mascot for the day, running out with the East Fremantle team and getting to warm up with them before a cracker game against Swan Districts.

Special thanks to all the coaches this year, who made training such a fun experience for the kids. It is great to watch the coaches in action and to see the kids developing their skills under the coaches guidance. A special mention to all the parents who helped out with the coaching drills every week, it certainly helped take the pressure off the coaches. And to the team managers thank you for organising the teams behind the scenes.

To all the volunteers, whether you were helping on the field or in the canteen, washing jumpers or on orange duty, a club is only ever as good as the people who spend the time to make it great. I think we have a fantastic club, so a big well done and thank you for making 2014 an impressive year.

And lastly, and most importantly, thank you to the kids, it has been a pleasure to watch you all giving it a go with much enthusiasm and developing not only your mad footy skills, but learning the finer details of teamwork, determination and patience.

I look forward to seeing you all again, bigger and better in 2015.
Meagan Farrant
(Auskick Coordiator)

2014 Auskick Super 8s


We have again had the pleasure of coaching the year 3 s for the 2014 season.

Thankfully after a number of years working on our skills and playing scratch matches, the boys finally had an opportunity to play against opposition teams from the East Fremantle district.

With 44 boys enrolled, we split the large group into 3 teams, being Booragoon 1 coached by Mick Strahan and Pete Collins, Booragoon 2 coached by Rob Butler and Mike North and Booragoon 3 coached by Dave Glass and Jeremy Skepper.

Over the course of the year we played games against opposition teams home and away, and on weekends where we were not fixtured to play games, we held training sessions and scratch matches amongst ourselves. We also introduced weekly training sessions on a Wednesday night which ran for an hour and gave us quality time to work on all our footy skills.

The boys have been an absolute pleasure to coach and it s fair to say comparing our first game to how we finished in the Willetton carnival, their improvement has been outstanding.

The attributes which stood out this year were teamwork, competitiveness, mateship and skill improvement. Overall we had 15 new players, who have slotted in extremely well, we are hoping the group stay together throughout their junior years and enjoy the rewards of playing a fantastic team sport.

To all the parents a huge thank you for bringing the kids down each training session and game day, washing the jumpers, providing oranges, goal umpiring, timekeeping, and helping out at training.

Thanks to Ali Wallace for providing mouthguards to players and also James Allison for providing goal umpire flags, these contributions were appreciated.

Special thanks to Denise Bardill and Wendy Clynk who both volunteered as managers and assisted throughout the year with rosters, correspondence and overall assistance .very much appreciated.

Overall it has been a very successful season and also very rewarding as a coach to see the player s progress.

We hope to see you all again next year. Go the Bulldogs!!!
Mick Strahan, Rob Butler and Dave Glass (Coaches)

2014 Auskick Year 2s


The 2014 Year Two Auskick season kicked off with 36 children registered with a good number of kids new to the club and a large core of kids returning from year one. Skill development was the priority for this season, in particular handballing, marking and kicking to a team member on the move. By the end of the season there had been a noticeable improvement in all the kids skills culminating in a great hit out at the Rosmoyne Carnival where the Year Twos fielded a very strong team.

Some other highlights included the AFL half time match at the Fremantle v North Melbourne game, the big Auskick Carnival under lights at Karoonda, and the Parents v Kids game at the end of the year where some of the kids taught the parents a thing or two!

Big thanks to everyone who helped out throughout the season and a special mention to Brad Beitmanas for his help on the field and his words of encouragement to all the kids. A great season was had by all and the coaches are already looking forward to seeing everyone
return again for the 2015 season.

Mike Farrant, Greg Hart, Lindsay Marley, Mike Allen (Coaches)

2014 Auskick Year 1s

Lots of new faces in the year 1 Auskick camp this year. We had 40 Year One Auskickers this year which was a great turn out. The year 1 Auskickers improved significantly over the year. We really focused on teamwork this year and it was great to see sharing of the ball and great camaraderie within the team.

On behalf of the coaches I would like to thank all of those who helped out with the sessions. The Year 1 Auskickers have been a delight to coach and we look forward to seeing them all next year as they grow towards their destiny as superstars of the AFL.

Jeremy Cordina, Steve King, Paula Pattinson, Riley Bourne and Leyton Bourne (Coaches)

2014 Auskick Pre-Primary

With well over 50 Auskickers on the list for Pre-Primary, 2014 was always going to be busy. The kids were full of enthusiasm, as were their parents. Both groups were well behaved with good listening skills and as a consequence we had a great year that was lots of fun, so thanks every one. Each week after the warm up skills sessions we typically had enough Auskickers to run 3 games which is testament to the children’s dedication, even on some very cold and wet days.

Throughout the course of the season we saw fantastic skills development across the group in both football skills and in teamwork,and as a result the kids produced some memorable team play, marks and goals. Towards the end of the season and at the Auskick Carnival, the Auskick skills on display were so good it was hard to believe that this was the first year of Auskick for most of these children. The future of the BJFC looks bright.

The help and good humor that the coaches received each week from the Parents was a large factor in the success of the season, so I would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who got involved on behalf of the coaches, it was much appreciated (and with George staying back with Pre-Primary for 2015 we are on the lookout for another Year 1 coach, and he might need some help as well next year).

It will be great to see as many of youas possible back for another year of Auskick in 2015 for more skills development, more Auskick games and most importantly, more fun.

Justin O’Brien (Coach)

2011 Auskick Reports

Auskick at the Booragoon Bulldogs, as always, was very family focused in 2011.  We started the season on Mother’s Day, finished on Father’s Day, and had a lot of fun and enjoyment in between.  We had almost 120 enthusiastic Auskick players improve their football skills and teamwork immensely during the season.  There were big player numbers in the Super 8s and Year 2s, the Year 1s grew throughout the season with new players arriving, and there were a good bunch of new recruits in the Pre-Primary team.

We were able to have a number of different events over the year to mix things up a bit.  We played matches under lights against Mount Pleasant (huge!!) and Attadale (very wet!!).  The Super 8s played away games at Mount Pleasant and East Fremantle, and the Year 2s took on Rossmoyne at home.  Some of our Auskick players played under lights at half time in the inagural BBJFC Dads V BBFC Vetrans match.  For the second year, the entire Booragoon Under 17s team visited Auskick in July to help run skills sessions and matches – this was a fantastic experience for our young players to work with a great group of young men and see what’s possible in their football future.  We finished off the season by sending six Booragoon teams to the annual Rossmoyne Auskick Carnival.  This was a very enjoyable event and  we proudly had the second biggest group at the carnival, competing well in football, sprint races and tug-of-war.

I’d like to thank all the parents who pitched in this year, helped the coaches, worked in the canteen, washed jumpers, brought the oranges, and did everything else to make Auskick a great experience for our players.  In particular Paul Lippiatt, who looked after First Aid for the year – great job.

Thanks to sponsors Jones Ballard Property Group for the brand-new set of football jumpers – they looked fantastic!  We also continued to receive the support of Solar Kings and Brentwood News, who provided AFL Football Cards for weekly player awards.

A big thank you to all our coaches, who make Auskick happen on the day.  These guys do a huge amount of preparation and planning so that our players develop their skills and teamwork, and enjoy their football.  We had four new coaches in Pre-Primary this year in Brad, Andrew, Mike and John, Michael White ran the Year 1s in a solo effort, Olly and Gary tuned up the Year 2s with teamwork and tackling, and Fitzy, Chris and Mike helped the Super 8s graduate from Auskick.  Outstanding work from the entire coaching team, Auskick wouldn’t happen without them.

Finally and most of all, well done to all the players who were part of Booragoon Bulldogs Auskick this season.  Seeing you all running around with your friends, playing good football with an excellent attitude and having fun is what it’s all about, and makes my job very rewarding.  See you all in 2012 – bring your friends!!

Anthony Doig (Auskick Coordinator)


In 2011, we had 25 5 year olds and 4 coaches take on Auskick for the first time. As expected, it was a big learning curve for everyone. Thankfully, due to some insightful guidance and program help from Olly Standing in the Year 2’s, we were able to able to at least look as though we knew what we were doing!

The four coaches all have older children in Auskick and were active supporters of the other coaches during previous years so had a bit of an idea of what to expect, however being the coach and ‘cat herder’ was an eye opener.

We once again were fortunate to have great weather for most of the season, with numbers down on only a few days due to inclement weather. We were also fortunate to have the great support of the parents, who stepped in to help with drills, oranges, goal umpiring, dodge ball and packing up at the end of the sessions.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our roles as coaches this year and seeing the progression from kids who couldn’t hold or kick a ball through to kids kicking goals during the game from the centre zone. We hope that all of the players had a great first year of Auskick and return to develop their skills and have lots of fun in 2012.

Andrew Rowell, Mike North, Brad Bates, John Morey (Pre-Primary Coaches)

Year 1s

This year saw the Year 1s back at Auskick after a successful first year.  The majority of kids from Pre-Primary had stayed on with a few new names added to the list.

This year was about improving the skills they had picked up from last year and it was soon evident that most of the kids had come a long way. I think the improvement through the year in the kicking skills especially was really obvious, with a few being able to kick long goals and over the top of zones.

We had our first match against another club, Mount Pleasant and this was a real eye opener with our kids showing some really good skills, keeping their feet and showing great team play. Not sure if we got the win but it was a good contest . We also had a night fixture which was played in some of the wettest and windiest conditions I have seen for a long time.  Somehow we managed to get a game done and to those 8 players and their brave parents who showed up, I take my hat off to you.

By the end of the year most of our intra club games were hard fought contests and while every game seemed to end in a draw, I’m pretty sure that the kids were able to work out who won.

I would like to thank the parents for all their help as well, from setting and packing up, to helping out with drills which has made it a lot easier. We struck it pretty good with the weather as well and I don’t recall losing a session to rain.

As a coach, it’s been a good year and I have enjoyed it. I look forward to seeing all the kids and parents back again next year and seeing if we can all go a step further with our skills.

Michael White (Year 1 Coach)

Year 2s

With the 2011 footy season having drawn to a close we’d like to thank all the grade two kids and their mums, dads and grandparents for their continued participation throughout this year’s Auskick program.

Well done to all involved.  Many thanks to those parents always willing to help out with running drills & zones, umpiring goals and especially those who tidy up the field at the end of each session. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated.

As coaches it gives us a great feeling to look back over the season and see how much each child has developed their footy skills to a point where they can gather, mark, pass and bounce the ball with confidence. In the closing part of the season we’ve successfully introduced tackling and focused on developing better team skills such as spreading out, manning up and encouraged the kids to make themselves seen and heard when leading for the ball. The Rossmoyne Carnival is a great chance for us all to see how our kids play using Super 8 rules and a handy preview to Auskick 2012.

Many thanks to Anthony Doig for all his effort this year as Auskick Coordinator. In his first year at the helm his commitment to the successful running of Auskick should be applauded by everyone involved.

We think this year we’ve had a very successful Auskick season and each of our kids have been a delight to coach and are a credit to their parents. Although Sunday morning sleep-ins may be welcomed I think we’ll all look forward to a bigger and better Auskick 2012. We hope to see you all again next year!

Olly Standing and Gary Peel (Year 2 Coaches)

Super 8s

As coaches we are extremely proud of the fantastic progress that the 38 young men have all made during the very successful 2011 Auskick season.

This year the team experienced new challenges with games at home and away, Friday night games under lights, mini-carnivals at home and at Shark Park, the full range of weather conditions and all whilst competing against opponents with diverse styles of play.  These factors tested our players (and their supporters) and it was particularly pleasing that each challenge was met with a terrific attitude, lots of enthusiasm and football ability that signals well for the future.

On the skills side the boys continued their development of a running style of game that has a heavy emphasis on sharing the ball for the advancement of the team.  We introduced tackling (strictly within the Auskick guidelines) and encouraged the use of both sides of the body for kicking and handball – a skill that we see as a necessity in these formative years.  These skills were employed with much success in competitive games, to the extent we have received some very pleasing feedback in respect to our team’s ability to play as an accomplished unit.

A large part of the success of the year is owed to the many parents that we could always rely on for packing up the gear, washing the jumpers and actively getting involved with any exercises when requested.  This assistance allowed us to commit more time to coaching activities and will be even more crucial in the following years as the competition develops.

Our Auskick co-ordinator, Anthony Doig, also deserves special recognition for his significant administrative efforts behind the scenes that ensured the season ran smoothly.

Looking back over the past four years we believe that we have achieved the goals that we set for the team in providing a safe environment, teaching our boys the basic football skills correctly and most importantly, ensuring that the experience has been an enjoyable one with fond memories. We thank you all for the great honour and privilege over the years of entrusting us with coaching such wonderful boys, an experience that has been extremely satisfying and rewarding. We are of the view that our players are more than well equipped for the transition into the Junior Football Year 4s and look forward to seeing you all back next season.

Graeme Fitzgerald, Chris Ryan and Mike Webb (Super 8s Coaches)