2014 Year 6 White

2014 was a great year for the Year 6 Whites. This was the year the boys began to really enjoy each other s company, work hard together and develop a strong sense of the team .

We started the year slowly, facing Winnacot in our first match and got a real lesson in tackling. The coaching and parent group were left shaking our heads and wondering about a long season ahead.

Yet the second week came up against Attadale and the boys played like legends, embracing the full tackle rule and competed hard. We had a great day.

Over the season the team developed a reputation as a hard tackling group and the boys began to gel as a team, working hard for each other.
The boys had lots of fun at training and enjoyed their nicknames being added to the game board midseason.

The season culminated in the Year 6 carnival with all kids playing in four games through the morning and really enjoying themselves.

A big thank you to our tackling specialist Troy “Tank” Irwin and our board man Nick “Up There” Casale, and especially Paul “Macca” McDonald for being at every training to support the boys. Paul was also the club line marking man and our team runner on game days. He is the ultimate Clubman.

Well done to Steve Dropulich for being a terrific manager-always calm and organised. He was instrumental in running the Year 6 carnival and constantly reminding me it is as it is Fitz . Thanks to Helen Davison and Tiffany Oversby for being our 1st Aiders, for Wil and Kristy Simpson for bringing oranges all season and all other parents for their hard work setting up, cleaning up, running the canteen, goal keeping, time keeping, etc.

Lots of our kids got the opportunity to play with the Year 6 Reds team to help out and I want to thank Leigh Wardell-Johnson and Heidi Cook from the Reds for helping us out with players through much of
the season when we were short on numbers. It was great to have some of the Reds participate in the carnival and be part of the action.

Our team included:

  • Kyle “Kebabs” McDonald, whom attended every training session and never missed a game. He ran hard all season, always listened to his coaches and is our true clubman .
  • Daniel “Davo” Davison returned to footy after being seconded overseas. His improvement over the course of the season was immense and great to see him using his left foot in one of our final games. I think it s safe to assume he s been rescued from soccer.
  • Logan “Beast” Gregory joined our team and was a great boy to coach as he always listened, practiced, and continued to improve through the year. What we liked about Logan was he encouraged his team mates and was a very popular member of the team.
  • Bet “Bety” Chamnan had a rough start to the season after breaking his thumb in a game. He returned from injury and just got better and better, finishing with the run and carry that we know he is socapable of.
  • Jasper “Stewy” Stewart had his first year as a Booragoon Bulldog. What a great addition he was, dominating centre half forward, kicking big bags of goals and finished with his most prolific day at the carnival where he was voted the team s most valuable player.
  • Jad “Dropo” Dropulich again showed his silky left-sided hand and foot skills, providing good run from the centre and will be well suited to a wing position in years to come.
  • Luke “Framo” Frampton returned to be a Bulldog after a year in the wilderness. He was our most reliable player, providing a wall in defence and didn t play a bad game all year. Luke is the player every coach loves having in their team.
  • Wil Simpson was part of our team again providing the half time oranges all season, helping with training and awards on game day and supporting his team mates. We love having Wil as part of the team.
  • Max “Feral” Farrow was our most enthusiastic player providing enough energy to light up a suburb. He always embraced training and game day with a cheerful smile and we enjoyed him being part of the team.
  • Lochlan “Rock” Oversby was a much more focused and passionate footballer this year. He was super keen to tackle, kicked a good goal and was always really keen to spend as much time as possible out on the ground on game day.
  • Anverson “Anvo” Madeira had his best season for the Bulldogs. He finished the season with a couple of goals and loved a good game of footy tennis at the end of training.
  • Lochlan “Machine” Irwin had a great season. He was our hardest runner, would tackle any player of any size and perfected the spin and arms up when in a tackle.
  • Charles “Chucky” Casale was the team s master tackler and one of the best tacklers in the entire club. He was one of our most consistent players and a rock at centre half back.
  • Max “Kitey” Kite had a good solid season. He loves to kick a goal, very rarely misses training, listens carefully to his coaches and is a real clubman.
  • Ryan “Razza” Leong joined the team part way through the season. He moved from Port Hedland and hadn t played much footy. What a great addition he was, providing hard in and under , never shirked a contest and has a very good left foot. The boys really enjoyed Razza being part of the team.
  • Ethan “Gingers” Lewins played his second year of footy, working hard on his kicking through the season with his Dad getting a bruised foot at home, enjoyed being part of the team and really competed hard for the ball on game day.
  • Andrew “Gero” Gerovich had his best season as a Bulldog. He was our best leading player, takes a good overhead mark and contests hard every time. Andrew is a great boy to coach, listens intently and always works to improve himself.
  • Connor “Fitzy” Fitzgerald had a great season. He used his left foot in every game, often using it more than his preferred right foot, gave 100% in every contest and provided a lot of run and drive for the team.

We look forward to the 2015 season.

Graeme ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald (Coach)

2014 Year 6 Reds

We started our season under 3 main playing philosophies, maximum participation, maximum respect and maximum fun. Our players embraced these philosophies and took great steps forward this season in not only becoming better footballers but also maturing into fine young people.

Our skill level needed to improve if we wanted to move the ball the way we wanted. Consequently, our training focus shifted to improving specific skill areas such as kicking and marking. It was great to see as the season progressed that the skills improved across the board and we were able to play some tidy end to end footy.

One of the most pleasing aspects of our season was our ability to stay very competitive in almost all games. In particular, I was really pleased with our tackling pressure and on more than one occasion the opposition coach remarked that we were the best tackling side they had played against.

Thanks to the players for your commitment during the season.

A footy season wouldn t be possible without the enormous efforts of several people involved in running the team.

To my able assistant coaches Kevin and Fab, a big thank you for your support both at training and on match days.

To our team runner Warren Wild for his passion and energy in motivating the players every week.

Our medic Michael Crouch who has supported us from early days of Auskick through to now.

To Christine who for the past 20 years has supported me in various ways from a footy girlfriend, wife and now mum. Thanks Chris.

Last but not least our team manager Heidi. Like many of you, Heidi has supported us since Pre-Primary of Auskick. Her efforts over the past three seasons as team manager have been truly outstanding. Thanks Heidi.

Finally, to all the parents who waved a flag, cooked a snagger, deep fried some chips or played timekeeper, my sincere thanks to all of you for being part of our season and I look forward to seeing you all back down the club next year.

Leigh Wardell-Johnson (Coach)

Player Snapshot

  • Elijah Crouch: Elijah progressed to become one of our most reliable backmen. Elijah has a straight line attack on the football and has developed as one of our most consistent performers this season.
  • Ethan Cook: Ethan has it all, great skills, reads the game well, tackles hard and his second and third efforts this season were as good as you will see. If there was a Brownlow medal for the year 6 s Ethan would be right up there.
  • Lachlan Ballantine: What I love about Lachy is that he is a fierce competitor and works so hard during a game. I look forward to watching him develop in years to come.
  • Lachlan Wild: Lachlan is our best contested ball winner and works hard both offensively and defensively. He is developing into a terrific young footballer and the type of footballer every coach loves to have.
  • Jackson Halse: Jacko is very courageous and is constantly in at the contest winning the hard ball, never giving up. As a team, we know that Jacko gives everything he has got.
  • Hamish Wardell-Johnson: Hamish has some of the best skills in the team, becoming very versatile as he can play anywhere on the field. Hamish uses the ball very well, consistently hits targets and is a great decision maker.
  • Jamie Speechley: Jamie gained more confidence as the year progressed. His ability to read the game improved and by the end he was laying tackles, taking marks and having shots on goal.
  • Dian Goh: Dian is a lightning quick player who used his pace to break away from opposition players. He would regularly break the game open, bringing others into the contest.
  • Oliver Reed: I was delighted to see Ollie putting himself in and winning hard contested footy and his ability to read the ball off packs in the forward line was a season highlight.
  • Oliver Leonard: Big Ollie became a lot stronger over the football allowing his smaller team mates to win the ball at ground level this season. His kicking and marking skills improved and he was able to take many marks and hit the scoreboard regularly.
  • Jake Thygesen Jakes attack on the football and his tackling pressure is as good as there is in the year 6 competition. Jakes kicking and marking skills also improved dramatically throughout the season.
  • Alex Marchese: Alex greatly improved his fitness and consequently he was able to play consistently in a variety of positions this season. He was able to hit the scoreboard regularly but also set up many goals for his team mates.
  • Trent Pagnoni: Trent is an in and under type player and a ferocious tackler. This season his kicking skills improved dramatically and he was regularly able to hit targets and kick some inspirational goals.
  • William Goodlet: Will s kicking technique improved out of sight due to his hard work and practice. He also improved his defensive work in the forward line.
  • Sam Woolfenden: What was most pleasing was Sam s increasing game involvement and his ability to use his strong frame to create space for his team mates.
  • Liam Barnett: Liam took big strides forward this season in his ability to win his own ball. Liam is a great team player who has made an art form of winning the ball at ground level.
  • Stacey Collier: Stacey spent a lot of time in the off season working on her skills and exercises to help her keep her feet. This transposed into Stacey winning a lot of her own footy and using her pace and skills to deliver the ball to her team mates.
  • Finn O Reilly: Finn is an exceptional talent who has a terrific overhead mark, silky foot skills on both sides and reads the game extremely well. Finn is very clean below his knees and works hard at ground level.

Stacey a Real Bulldog

Great story about Stacey Collier from the Booragoon Bulldogs.
Stacey a Real Bulldog

STACEY Collier does not shirk from a contest on the football field.

The Booragoon Bulldogs Junior Football Club player is not afraid to mix it with the boys and loves nothing more than winning a possession through congestion.

Stacey (11) has been playing Australian rules for the past five years and hopes to climb up the ranks to the WA Youth Girls 16s team in 2016.

Read the full article here.

Lighting Carnivals

BJFC recently had a number of teams competing in various Lighting Carnivals at Karoonda and around the district.

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with a massive Auskick Lighting Carnival at Karoonda under lights.  This was a huge event, with literally hundreds of players, coaches, parents and spectators creating a massive buzz at the ground.  The carnival was a huge success, the players enjoyed a fantastic night, and the BJFC put on a great show for other clubs in the district.  If Meagan and the Auskick team can recover from putting on such a large show, the Booragoon JFC Auskick Night Lighting Carnival may become an annual fixture!

Karoonda also hosted a Year 6 carnival over the weekend.  Again, this was a huge event, with the Year 6 crew (coordinated by Paul Logothetis) covering all bases and running a very slick carnival.  Both Bulldogs Year 6 team played very well, missing the final by the smallest of margins.  Well done to everyone involved.

The Bulldogs also had multiple teams entered into Year 4, Year 5 and Year 7 carnivals elsewhere in the district, and managed to win all three carnivals.  Outstanding work to all involved – it’ll be good to see the silverware up in the Karoonda clubrooms soon!!

2011 Year 6s Report

Year 6 Blue

It’s been a fantastic 2011 footy season with the year 6 blues, both on and off the field.

My philosophy this year was to concentrate on the 1 percent items – The talking, shepherding, supporting the ball carrier, keeping your feet in a contest at all times and of course teaching and encouraging some of best tackling you would see in any grade of footy.

This year there were some great contests which certainly tested the skills and courage of all the lads. Without a doubt we are looking at some extremely talented young players that will certainly be future rising stars.

Natural leaders have emerged by leading by example giving support and guidance to the developing players,

Team effort was the key to the successful 10 win 5 loss season. Best of all, we finished the year by emerging champions of the lightning carnival with a fantastic 4 wins.

Many thanks to Alan Fereday who’s tireless work made my job so much easier,

Thanks also to Mark Conner’s and Ian Thompson in assisting with the coaching

But most of all many thanks to all my super stars for a great and exciting season. I had lots of fun and hope you did too.

Steve Evans (coach)

Year 6 White

It’s been another great season of football for the boys with a big milestone reached for a few of the players.  Darcy Roden and Jack Cameron were the first to reach 50 games on the same day, followed a few weeks later by Riley King and then Tom Egger and Khai Heah the following week.

The core of the group have been together since Auskick and this season welcomed in Tom White, Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Josh Harrison and James Hosking, all of whom have been great acquisitions.

All the boys have shown continued improvement and have handled all positions on the field very well with everyone being a goal scorer by mid-season.  The rotations have given the boys a good try in all positions.  Some have shown that they are very well suited to some positions. Campbell Marley has developed into a gutsy backman.  Riley King has stepped up and can bulldoze the ball forward in packs with his big size.  Hayden King is taking fantastic overhead marks and likes to add firepower up forward. Shaun Miller, Kyle Birch, Khai Heah,  Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Darcy Roden and Tom Egger are all classy players with great ability. Ben Lieschke, Josh Rule, Harry Reid, Tom White, James Hosking and Daniel Withers all put in a big effort every week to help create opportunities.  Josh Harrison is a real speedster who can open up a game with his great gift.  Max Scott and Jack Cameron, our smallest players, don’t hold back to get in and under to win the ball.  Abbey Varney rejoined mid season and is once again showing up some of the boys with her great skill and courage.

The big Friday night Bulldog Derby was something all players loved despite the final score and they look forward to playing under lights again.

Sharyn Rule has once again been the team manager and a big thank you on a magnificent job.  We are indeed blessed to have her in that capacity.

Lindsay Marley has been terrific as assistant coach and his input on game day and at training has been extremely valuable.  Justin Varney has also been much appreciated in the latter part of the season with his technical know-how and ideas.

Many thanks also to all the parents for doing the many jobs that make a footy game memorable and fun for the kids, it just doesn’t happen without their support and cheers.

Finally, I hope to see all the team back again next year to go harder, higher and stronger and with as much enjoyment as this year.

Ian Birch (Coach)

Year 6 Lightning Carnival 2011

The Booragoon Junior Football Club is hosting a Year Six Lightning Carnival on Sunday 11th September 2011.  The Carnival is endorsed by the East Fremantle District Development Council Competition Committee (EFDDC).

The carnival will be held at Booragoon JFC home ground Karoonda Reserve, Booragoon, commencing at 8.30am.  Please ensure that your team is at the ground at least 30 minutes before their first game.  Please also ensure that a team official reports to the BJFC Clubrooms to let organisers know you have arrived and submit a Team Sheet.

Important information for all clubs:

  1. Normal Year 6 rules apply
  2. EFDDC umpires will be officiating
  3. Parents and supporters are asked to abide by the Parent Code of Conduct on the day
  4. All players are to be registered with the EFDDC for the 2011 season
  5. If a Club fields 2 or more teams, players may only play in their nominated team
  6. Medallions will be presented to the winning team
  7. A First-Aid Officer from St John Ambulance will be on site and  will be  located between the Canteen and Changerooms
  8. The Booragoon Junior Football Club Inc., reserves the right to run the only raffle on the day
  9. Our Canteen will be operating on the day
  10. All teams will be required to supply the following:
    • 1 x match ball
    • 1 x goal umpire per game (including coat /flags)
    • Normal team first-aid person for minor injuries
  11. Games of 12min halves with 5 minutes half time and 5 minutes between games
  12. Match marshalls will be responsible for collection of scorecards from goal and field umpires

We look  forward to a most enjoyable day.

Ian Thompson
Event Coordinator