2015 Fairest & Best Function

Year 8-12 teams at Booragoon Junior Football Club have individual players trophies voted on by coaches and nominated people every game.  Each team has trophies for Best & Fairest player, Runner-Up, Most Improved Player, Coaches Award, and Best Clubman.

Traditionally these trophies have been presented at the full Club Season windup, where all teams and players receive awards.

For the 2015 season (and beyond!) we are looking at having a separate “Fairest & Best” event for Year 8 to Year 12 teams.  We’ve spoken to coaches from all teams, plus the Year 11 players, and they’re supportive.  It will only work if we get support from all players and parents from Year 8 to Year 12 teams, so we want your feedback here.

Note that this Year 8-12 event does not replace the full Club Windup – we still have club and player awards and presentations for all teams.

Please vote below on your preference for a Year 8-12 Fairest & Best event – the options are:

  1. Sit Down Year 8-12 Fairest & Best Dinner (like a Brownlow medal!): Sit down dinner for players and parents, about $50-per-head for non-players, short vote count, guest speaker, etc
  2. Informal Year 8-12 Fairest & Best Gathering: Informal event for all Year 8-12 teams and parents (pizzas, etc) where we present team fairest & best awards with a short vote count
  3. No special event: do Team Fairest & Best Awards as part of the Club Windup (as we usually do)

Please vote below.

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