Booragoon JFC Recognised at the WAFL Grand Final

We’ve received some feedback from the WA Football Commission on our clubs performance at the WAFL Grand Final.  See below for a couple of e-mails from WAFC Junior Football Development. Well done to everyone involved on the day, and during the 2012 season.

From: Daren Bell (Development Officer, WA Football Commission)
Date: 24 September 2012
To: Scott Lieschke (Booragoon JFC President)
Cc: BJFC Vice President, BJFC Secretary, BJFC Registrar, BJFC Coaching Coordinator
Subject: FW: Booragoon JFC

Hi Scott,
See email below from Troy at the WAFC.

Thank you for your help and participation yesterday which was first class. The below email is even more proof that Booragoon JFC is a Champion Club and the efforts of the committee/players/coaches/parents should be congratulated.

Unfortunately the WAFL boys couldn’t cap off a great day for East Fremantle but I hope the club enjoyed the experience and have some fond memories of the 2012 WAFL GF.


Daren Bell
Development Officer
East Fremantle District
West Australian Football Commission

From: Troy Kirkham (Junior Football Manager, WA Football Commission)
Sent: Monday, 24 September 2012
To: Daren Bell
Subject: Booragoon JFC
Importance: HighHi Daren

I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognise the contribution that the Booragoon JFC played in the 2012 WAFL Grand Final.The players that participated in the Little League (and all the other associated activities on the day) were fantastic and their behaviour and attitude all day long was exceptional. In what can be quite a long and tiring day, their involvement in pre-game activities, half time game, and the ¾ time presentation was second to none and certainly hands down one of the best groups that we have had involved in the Grand Final activities in my time in the role. It was just a shame the boys didn’t have the opportunity to present the Premiership Medals to the East Fremantle players in the Post Game ceremony.

Could you also pass on my congratulations to the coaching staff and parents of the team. They were also absolutely fantastic in everything that was required of them on the day, and their involvement really made a positive impact on all of our game day requirements.

The Booragoon JFC Little League team were also recognised by a number of the WAFC Executive post-game and it was their belief that they really added to the spectacle of the WAFL Grand Final.

The team (and coaching staff) represented their Junior Football Club and the East Fremantle District at the highest level and should be very proud of their involvement.

I hope that the Booragoon players look back in years to come and remember the important role that they played in the 2012 WAFL Grand Final.

Thanks again


Troy Kirkham
Manager Junior Football
West Australian Football Commission

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