2018 Player Transfers in regards to Development Squad members

Please note there will be a new Bylaw for 2018 preventing transfers of Development Squad players into teams with 5-or-more existing Development Squad players.  This is to enable more evenly-matched teams and closer games of football.
All Metro Districts are implementing this Bylaw.

  1. The Bylaw wording and operation is still being finalised, but this is how it will work for player transfers:
  • If a 2017 Junior Football team had 5-or-more 2017 Development Squad players, transfers of further Development Squad players into the 2018 team will not be permitted (transfers will be Denied by the Fremantle Conference Executives)
  • Transfers of 2017 Development Squad players out of a Club will reduce the Development Squad “player count” for a 2018 Team
  • Note that this only applies to player transfers – Development Squad players staying at the same Club/Team (including for Team mergers) are not in-scope of this Bylaw.

    Appeals for exceptions to this Bylaw can be made in writing by a Club President to the Fremantle Conference Executive.  Only extreme situations will be considered (e.g. unreasonably excessive travel to alternative Destination Clubs).

  • Colts players should be excluded from this Bylaw – there are already many restrictions on Colts players, and Teams could have a Colts player on the list who never plays a Junior Football game.  Development Squad players are available for every Fremantle Conference game.

       2. Bylaws for play-ups and play-downs are currently being reviewed by the WAFC, all clubs will be advised once any changes are confirmed

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