BJFC – RD 1 (Sat 28 & Sun 29 April) Home Game fixtures, Oval allocations

Please see the below table with the Round 1 HOME Fixtures, including Oval allocations. (See pictures of Oval locations below).

Portable goal posts, Cones to mark the boundaries and Benches and Shelters for the “Coaches area” are available in the Storage cage. If they are broken please advise me ASAP so we can rectify.

Year 3 (Red Ovals)

Years 4, 5 6 and Girls 7-8 (Blue Ovals)

Years 7 and Girls 9,10 & 11 (Black lines)

*** For player safety purposes. If there is a simultaneous games on the Main and Second oval please advise spectator to remain clear of the “gap” between ovals. ***

Best of luck and have a great weekend.

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