2015 Year 1s

2015 Team Y01

Back: Justin O’Brien(Coach) Tim Gilliland(Coach) Rene Catovic, Xavier Tooker, Matthew Smith, Leo Whincop, Oscar Biddle, Daniel Cortez, Kiel Bolton, Mitchell Belton, Cooper O’Malley, Austin Greene, Michael Beahan Warman, Fletcher Brown, Simon Biddle (Coach), Matt Brown(Coach)
Middle: Campbell Baldacchino, Samuel Gardner, Zac Goddard, Alexander Budge, Michael Gerovich, Marcus Motton, Jai Gilliland, Mitchell Parker, Kenneth Cheong, Tom Larson, Zack Ainsworth, Andrew Renouf
Front: Liz Warman (Team Manager) Benjamin Schibler, Kelly Pattern, Ben Cunnold, Matthew Fowlie, Kieran Ho, Oliver O’Brien, Campbell Mundy, Adam Glass, Callum Cumming, Lincoln Ross, Helena Dunn, Kai Milward, Maxwell Cherian, Mitchell Hinton-Cox, Ryan McCarthy
Absent: Nathan Abramoff, George Fellows, Kael Meddows-Taylor, Xavier Paterson, Kiran Truninger Johnson, Emily Huigens, Rosilee Smith, Baily Browning, Hunter Cairns

Over forty kids signed on for year 1 Auskick at Booragoon Junior Football club in 2015. It was great to welcome back so many familiar faces as well as to welcome some new additions to the squad. Tim and I were also lucky enough to be joined by Matt and Simon in the coaching box. Both guys bought new ideas and enthusiasm to the mix so thanks for that. Liz also signed on for another year as team manager, a huge thanks to her for all her efforts over the season.

We had another fantastic year at Auskick with some really enthusiastic kids backed up by some willing parents who always happy to get involved and help out. The kids skills really came along this season and the coaches were all able to share some great moments with the kids as the skills started to click. A highlight for me was one young fellow who discovered that you don’t have to kick with the right foot, for some of us the left foot is much better. Apart from the goal kicking displays every week at the North end of the ground for the assembled parent’s enjoyment, I think that the favourite skills activity this year was the tackle bag and “specie” pad work that coach Tim introduced towards the end of the season.

As the skills developed so too did the quality of the Auskick matches, though fortunately there were no specie marks and/or victims this year. Instead we were able to see the kids starting to handball and kick pass with purpose and beginning to learn about moving into space on the field. Those skills were put into action at the Rossmoyne Carnival this year in which we were able to field two teams that played with great spirit and skill. So well done to all the kids for the hard work over the year to improve their AFL skills.

A final thanks to all the parents who got involved on the day and who practiced with their kids during the week. The joy that the kids get from playing with Mum or Dad always catches me by surprise, even with my older son, so keep it up over the summer and we will see you all back in 2016 for Year 2 Auskick.

Justin O;Brien, Tim Gilland, Matt Brown, Simon Biddle (Coaches)

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