2015 Super 8s Whites (Year 3s)

2015 Team Y03w

Back: Mike Allen (Coach), Mick Farrant (Coach)
Middle: Riley Auret, Charlie Allen, Brett Mitchell, James Pollard, Lachlan Caddy, Josh Farrant, Tim Glazier
Front: Lucas O’Brien, Tom Savage, Daniel Parry, Leo Bolton
Absent: Chris Huth, Tyler Elliott, Josh Daff, Isaac Beitmanas, Ben Kilvelhan, Lucas Gillies

2015 was a big year for the Super 8s. Two teams were fielded this year and myself along with assistant coach Mike Allen had the privilege of coaching the White team.

There were a number of firsts this year with the boys playing weekly home and away matches against the other footy clubs in the East Fremantle district, using the size 2 ball for the first time and the wrap around tackle. Both teams trained on Wednesday afternoons for an hour with the boys honing their footy skills and game knowledge.

The home and away season saw us travelling to a number of different venues and with the quality of the games getting better and better as the season progressed, the uplift in both skill level and confidence from the boys was a joy to watch. We also had a wonderful parent group who were loud and proud with much encouragement from the sidelines while always ensuring the opposition players got their fair share of praise for great play. Parents taking the lead with sportsmanship like this was great to see and sent a great message to the kids.

Special Thank you must go out to Andrew Auret – team manager, Marty Savage – goal umpire and Brad Beitmamas – enthusiasm coach, and to all the parents for ensuring their kids made it to training and for the encouragement and support they provided to the boys on game day.

A great season was had by all and we look forward to all the boys returning for a big 2016.

Mick Farrant (Coach)

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