2015 Year 2s

2015 Team Y02

Back: Harry Newman, Zac Runkle, Josh Firth, Lachlan Allanson, Finlay Yeo, Lucas Caporn, Jamie Nuttal, Ben Tyrrell (Coach), Lleyton Bourne (Coach)
Middle: Steve King (Coach), Aryan Shreedhar, Harley Barkla-Baylis, Jeff Tyrrell, Oakley Bourne, Will Potter, Hunter Cairns, Max King, Bailey Browning, Aiden Tan
Front: Lucas Baldacchino, Alexander Dempsey, Rory Tweedie, Thomas Cordina, Hudson Spinks, Josh Kelly, Angus Scott
Absent: Rio Amaro, Judah Councillor, Jacob Geaney, Charlie Granville, Jack Granville, Fletcher Petersen

Well Team we’ve made it through another season! On behalf of Lleyton, Ben & I, thanks; we had a blast. We hope you all improved your ball skills, leant something about football, liked the teamwork, but most of all we hope you had some fun.

Throughout the year we focused on;
• Being accurate with disposals
• Kicking both short & long (at goal)
• Handballing
• Marking both chest & overhead
• Being first to the ball
• Agility and running into space
• Teamwork
• Positions on the field and picking up the opposition

I’m sure everyone will agree that all of the boys have improved, and are playing with great teamwork. The handball and run out of defence has been a highlight!

During the year we played against Piara Waters; one team at home & one team away. It was great to see & hear about the teamwork; run out defensive, a string of handballs, a couple of great shots on goal, and some big marks. For the record both teams won, and I think a few parents were surprised with how well the boys played.

To the parents; thanks, obviously things just don’t happen without people getting involved, so from helping set up, clean-up, team jumpers, kitchen rosters etc., simply thanks. Each weekend could not have run without your involvement. As coaches we enjoy every Sunday morning, and I’d encourage you to get out in the backyard or park, and keep kicking, handballing, marking, or just walking & talking with the boys. They are a great bunch, and its privilege to coach them.

Finally, to my little mates Lleyton & Ben; you’re both champs. Lleyton brings the fun factor and enthusiasm, while Ben’s the quite achiever; thanks guys.

Steve King

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