2016 Auskick Year 1


Back: Jeremy Cordina (Coach), Drazen Nikolic (Coach), Brad Coster (Coach), George Harrison (Coach)
Middle: Dash Peake, Dewi Jones, Richard Gerovich, William Harrison, Joshua Coster, Keiran Morar, Sara Nikolic, Jerome Tan, Ethan Enqi Zhang, Leon Lowrey, Leon Tavani, Oliver Taylor, Cavan Lee, Kai Lowrey, Tyson Monie, Jayden Trewartha, Benjamin Renouf
Middle: Billy Ryan, Bradley Goodlet, Luca Cannell, Zac Anderson, Aiden Blake, Hudson Woods-Smith, Oliver Horley, Ineeka Wain, Mitchell Bentley
Front: Banjo Gurry, Sebastian Kirke, Horace Pearson, Lucas Morisey, Aaron Gibson, Mathew Power, Brock Wilkinson, Casey Hart, Kayla Clarke, Oscar Cordina, Riley Dean, John Lewins, Grace Bolton, Izaek Bodur
Absent: Toby Officer, Lachlan Morin, Oscar Carroll, Jay Richards, Oliver Yeo, Zach Ivandich, Reece Malcolm, Elizabeth Kivelhan, Marcus Aulfrey, Che Trundle , Ryan Fasher, Cagan Polat, William Rusbatch

The Year 1 Auskickers had a great 2016 season. This is the second season that Brad, George and I have coached this group and we have seen significant improvement in the group as whole with weekly games showing improved teamwork and skills. We had some wet sessions this year which were endured by the coaches and relished by the kids. Special thanks to Drazen who came in as a coach mid season.

On behalf of the coaches we would like to thank you for your participation and enthusiasm and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Jeremy Cordina (Coach)

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