2015 Year 10s

2015 Team Y10

Back: Ian Thompson (Assistant Coach), Gavin Thompson, Matthew Burton, Cameron Cantwell, Noah Wand, Josh Rule, Julian
Velletri, Hayden King, Josh Harrison, Ben Nash, Chad Sims, Khai Heah, Jeff Yeung, Jack Goldrick, Steve Evans (Coach)
Front: Trey Katnich, Shaun Miller, Matthew Francis, Josh Antulov, Max Scott (Captain), Alex Crowhurst, Jordan Decruz, Jack
Cameron, Jude Paulin
Absent: Lachlan Walker, Mac Turner, Montelle Bandy, Tafadzwa Chitete, Jeff Yeung

Our Year 10 2015 team comprised of many talented and promising players, unfortunately though, the season didn’t go as well as expected. Despite the score lines for many of our matches I do believe the players conducted themselves well and showed spirit and courage when required.

I’ve dubbed this team the second quarter specialists! If only the first, third and last quarters had glimpses of the stoutheartedness the players showed in the second. This year started with an off season player drive to boost the player numbers that were starting to dwindle due to exit of chats to the PSA.

We picked up some excellent budding footballers Jeff Yeung, Matthew Burton, Cameron Cantwell, Jude Paulin and Matthew Francis. All the boys put in an exceptional effort and were gutsy on the playing field. I hope to see you back again next year. This year we included a specialist coach with the cameos of Mark ‘Knackers’ Dobson and Mark aka ‘Red’ Barrett. The inclusion of these extra coaches was warmly welcomed and brought a different perspective to the game. Some great story telling and advise fella’s. Thanks to you both for your efforts.
Although there were many memorable plays of the day, as always I’d like to mention a few:

Firstly, to Jack Goldrick. Jack’s ball of fire speed out of the packs was phenominal this season and on many occasions ended with 6 points.

Secondly, Jeff Yeung, coming from a rugby background, Jeff’s attack on the ball was much needed and gave us the upper hand in the middle. For a first year player and usually playing against a much larger opposition, Jeff never stopped at the one tackle but charged at the player for a second, third and often fourth effort.

Thirdly, Ben Nash (the Rock), who had an outstanding season, often played on the field as the last line of defense. Ben took on all the big tasks and players, blasting out of the backline and giving every opportunity to our forwards.

Congrats to the players who hit their 100 game milestones this year, which there are many – Gavin Thompson, Trey Katnich, Khai Heah, Max Scott, Alex Crowhurst, Josh Rule, Jack Cameron, Mac Turner and Matthew Burton, and Chad Sims brought up his 50 this season, a great effort with plenty more to come.

Again we saw a few players hold their own in the development squads this season Chad Sims and Khai Heah, Good luck with the upcoming competition.

The B & F awards was again a closely contested race and this year we brought in 5,4,3,2,1 voting system with potentially 25 votes per game. (5 different voters per week)

I would like to mention a couple of players in particular players, Trey Katnich scoring the perfect 25 votes from 5 different voters in one game. What an effort.

Gavin Thompson, Jack Goldrick and Jeff Yeung scored 23 votes in one game, again a considerable achievement.

Those who are receiving these awards have been well earned and congratulations to all.

  • Best and fairest Gavin Thompson. Gavin is an exceptional leader and puts in every week.
  • Runner Up Bed Nash, had fabulous year and was unlucky not to win.
  • Most Improved Noah Wand. We welcomed Noah back after having a year off and his efforts were amazing.
  • Best Club Man award, Max Scott was appointed captain this year and led by example, never missing a training run and is a deserving winner of the best club man.
  • Coaches Award Jeff Yeung, first year player with a great look on life and fearless attack on the ball again could have piled more votes.
  • All trophy winners were standouts this season, and are deserving of the votes and accolades received during the year.

Team manager is a role that requires a big commitment and again Michelle Turner put her hand up for it. Thanks Michelle.

Thanks to Ian ‘Thommo’ Thompson for not only assisting with the managing role but also for keeping everyone in the loop via emails etc.

Thanks to all the parents that helped out on game day and to all the parents, family members and friends for the support and encouragement to the squad and myself, throughout the year.

I’ll end with my usual sign off. Greatest thanks go to all my superstars for a great season. I believe that with another year of growth we can turn the tide and be competitive with the other sides. I had a great time coaching as frustrating as it seemed at times, there were many highlights throughout the season and laughs were aplenty!

Let’s make sure we all get back next year to support the Mighty Booragoon Bulldogs.

Steve Evans (Coach)

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