2016 Year 3 Red


Back: Cameron Bell (Coach) Layton Bourne (Assistant Coach)
Middle: Ben Della-Marta, Thomas Cordina, Hudson Spinks, Lucas Baldacchino, Joshua Firth
Front: Austin Lee, Xabier Bell, Jacob Hall, Jay Harrison, Oakley Bourne, Jamie Gibbs, Jacob Geaney, Jacob Munro, Riley Parker, Joshua McNamara-Pitt, Hunter Cairns, Christopher Xanthis
Taking the photo!: Tricia Spinks (Team Manager)

This year saw a new mix of players come together to represent the mighty Year 3 Red team. We were lucky enough to pick up some players from surrounding clubs, some brand new players to the sport and others who had returned to the club after successful Auskick seasons. With the new group coming together it looked like it might take a few weeks to gel, but the boys came together really well and from early on in the season we had a well-oiled machine up and running.

The team was lucky enough to have a real wealth of talent and each player complimented the next. While players rotated through every position, they really started to fine tune their skills and natural ability to contribute to the team.  Jacob Hall had an outstanding season and so often used his run and carry through the midfield to find targets up forward; where Austin Lee, Oakley Bourne and Lucas Baldacchino proved consistent goal kickers throughout the season and made sure the team was well rewarded with plenty of goals to celebrate. First use of the ball is often so important in footy and Riley Parker’s rucking skills often provided great opportunities for Jay Harrison, Jamie Gibbs and Hudson Spinks to use their skills, win the contested ball and move it forward quickly. Thomas Cordina, Ben Della-Marta and Xabi Bell all showed great toughness around the ball no matter what position they were in; tackling opposition and putting their head down to win a hard ball. Defence is the best form of attack and so many times this year it was Jacob Geaney, Hunter Cairns and Jacob Munro who would put an end to the opposition thrusts with goal saving marks, long kicking and the ability to clear the ball to safety. Footy is a tough game, no matter what age or level you play at, and to put your hand up to run out for the first time, against players with years of experience behind them, is brave and commendable. We were lucky enough to have three players of this calibre with us this season. Josh McNamara-Pitt, Josh Firth and Chris Xanthis didn’t take a step back at training or on game day and made their coach and team mates proud this year with their contributions. Each got better as the season went on and I look forward to what 2017 brings.

All in all, the team had some real highlights this year and always managed to do it in the right spirit. It was a fun year and very easy to coach such a great group of boys. Huge thanks to Trish Spinks our diligent team manager, Meegan Bourne our resident medico, Layton Bourne our fantastic assistant coach and all the parents/loved ones who helped out during the year and made it a great season for the boys.

Cameron Bell (Coach)

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