2015 Year 4 Reds

2015 Team Y04r

Back: Brady Walker, Cameron Ballantine, Anthony Wild, Jackson Thom, Brodie Ridley, Jake Broomfield, Jaiken Vyse, Luke Dharmapana, Henry Napoli, Jesse Switzer
Front: Leo Matthys, Zach Baker, Wesley Robartson, Aidan Mapstone, Skye Saunders, Luke Dorrill, David Bell

The Year 4 Reds brought together a great bunch of young men that we believe sing the club song louder and more passionately than any other in our club!

Our team focus this year was to improve our clearances by getting low to the ground, taking our marks and leading up to the kicker. Every player in our team showed significantly improvement in these areas and towards the latter half of the season we played some wonderful and exciting football.

Some of the highlights for our team was the amazing courage that so many of our players showed regardless of their size or their opposition. Our tackling pressure and strength was fantastic and generally if we got that right then our overall performance was excellent.

We had some very strong players that had many great moments of contested marking, 30+ metre kicking, 30+ possessions and dashing runs off the half back line and we are sure that several will become high level players of the future. But we got more enjoyment and satisfaction from the development and confidence of the players that did not have the same skills or had joined us for the first time after playing another sport.

Well done boy and we look forward to next year.
Warren Wild (Coach)

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