2015 Year 4 Whites

2015 Team Y04w

Back: Robert Butler (Coach) & Mike North (Assistant Coach)
Middle: Mason Cailes-Spence, Maxwell Williams, Logan Burns, Harrison Greenwell-Roberts, Benjamin Bates, Charles Clynk, Will Butler, James Hafford
Front: Lee Symonds, Luke Morey, Kyle North, Hudson Thomas, Darcy McDermott, Oliver Kelly, Byron Johnstone, Ashwin Trehan
Absent: Daniel Newman (Inset), Wendy Clynk (Team Manager)

It was great to see a lot of familiar faces back this year, plus some new ones. Right from the start you could see the boys had been either practicing or watching the big boys on TV and were keen try some new tricks out on the paddock.

Unfortunately Ollie ‘hand out don’t argue’ Kelly had to pull out mid-season with a bad back. However, we welcomed Byron Johnstone to the team, midway through the season.
The team was continually evolving with different players stepping up, showing off some new skill or just having belief in themselves and teammates. After a slow start adjusting to the new tackling in Year 4, they really stepped up the tackling pressure mid-season. Some of the other highlights on display included some great running, leading to space, kicking, handballing and general team work.

One of the weekly traditions the lads embraced was the team song, well sung after each match, with the opportunity to squirt the captain of the day enthusiastically anticipated and carried out.
Huge thanks goes to everyone who helped out during the season. Coaching was made that much easier when you have a great team helping out off the field. Team Manager Wendy Clynk, emails, paperwork, ground report, rosters, team sheets, just to name a few of the tasks Wendy successfully navigated each week. Assistant Coach Mike North, training, player rotation, tactics and pep talks. Parents, Year 4 White’s have a wonderful group supporting their kids and the team. Everyone pitched in with the little extras that often go unnoticed: timekeeping, goal umpire, first aid, canteen, ground setup, bbq, training and the all-important oranges.

Thanks also to the other Year 4 coaches and parents, from the Blue and Red teams, who helped make Wednesday night trainings enjoyable, not only for the young kids but some of the ‘big’ kids reminiscing about their footy and goal kicking prowess.

Look forward to seeing you all next year. Go the Bulldogs!!
Robert Butler (Coach)

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