2016 Year 4 Blues


Back: Ryan Manason (Team Manager), Lindsay Marley (Coach), Craig Nelson (Assistant Coach), Blair Marley (Assistant Coach)
Middle: Kai McLeod, Sam Nelson, William Fraser, Jack Heuchan, Jamen Wain, Myles Marley, Travis Strahan
Front: Matthew Gerovich, Jordan Brown, Simon Budge, Joseph Mattingly, Finn Landsborough, Kieran Manason, Jermain Kickett, Evan Fasher.
Absent: Callum Boyce, Andrea Manason (Team Manager)

Another fantastic year full of energy and enthusiasm from a team of 16 aspiring young footballers. We welcomed three new additions this year who quickly settled in to become great team mates. This year was all about developing the skills and understanding of our fantastic game, something we will continue and expand next year. The values of working as a team shone through early as our boys started to run in numbers and create opportunities for their team mates. It is such a fantastic feeling watching 5 or 6 boys link up in a passage of play to move the ball rapidly from one end of the ground to the other.

Our bunch of boys are definitely ready to take the next step in becoming successful young footballers and I hope you all return next year, hopefully 30cm taller and 10kg heavier!

A highlight of the season was the derby against the white team. This game was played at a higher intensity than any other game I have seen at this age. The game was clean, fast and a great spectacle to watch.  Thanks to Mick and Andrew, Its great working with you guys.

We also had the Red team join the fold of Year 4’s this year. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to play against the Red team, but I did fill in as coach for one game and the potential in this team is endless. Thanks Tim and Neil, we did have a few great kid’s vs coach games throughout the season.

Thank you Blair, your help as an assistant coach is fantastic, the kids all look up to you. I hope you are learning and enjoying from your experiences along the way.

Massive thanks to Ryan and Andrea Manason, your tireless work has been instrumental in ensuring game day runs smoothly, nothing is ever too much trouble.

A huge thanks to Craig Nelson, once again we have stood side by side with the common goal of developing our team of kids into better footballers and young men. I appreciate all the assistance and advise along the way, I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have so far.

Special mention to Ryan Budge out team photographer, thanks once again for taking some great photos and sharing with us all.

Thanks to all the Mums, Dads, Grandma’s, Grandads and Siblings who have come down each week to wave flags, cut oranges and cheer for our team, the atmosphere around our team has only improved because of you.

I hope everyone involved with the Mighty Year 4 Blue team have enjoyed the season and I hope to see you all again next year.

Lindsay Marley (Coach)

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