2016 Year 4 Whites


Back: Michael Allen (Assistant Coach), Andrew Auret (Manager), Michael Farrant (Coach)
Middle: Lucas O’Brien, Isaac Beitmanas, Josh Farrant, James Pollard, Lachlan Caddy, Luke Barwise, Charles Allen, Riley Auret
Front: Tom Savage, Ben Kivelhan, Tim Glazier, Daniel Parry, Leo Bolton, Kade Gilmore, Lindsay Corbett

After enduring a rigorous off-season of intense trading and astute drafting with some players moving on to greener pastures and new talent coming in, the White team started the season proper with an even fifteen on the list.

As expected skills were somewhat rusty in the early season games, however to their credit the team’s endeavour in terms of effort couldn’t be faulted and this was a theme that continued throughout the season.

With the season progressing the skill level started to lift and at times there was some exciting end to end link up play which was wonderful to see. A couple of midseason highlights included a Friday night Derby against the Year 4 Reds and another Sunday Derby against the Year 4 Blues which produced a tense but good spirited match.

However I believe the standout games for the team, parents and coaching staff this year would have to be the last two games against a very physical Piara Waters side who got off to a great start and a cracker of a last game against a very talented, hard working Riverton team.

The team was down in the first quarter against Piara Waters but came back hard and up until half time Riverton had the team’s measure but a wonderful fight back in the second half provided a glowing testament to the team’s character of never giving up.

It has been an absolute privilege to coach the boys this year and being involved in helping them to continue to grow, both in terms of their footy skills and especially in character. The consistent effort and support for each other throughout the season has been wonderful to watch.

I’d like to thank Mike Allen (assistant coach) for both his time and energy and Andrew Auret (team manager) for allowing me to concentrate on coaching and ensuring the season ran smoothly.

Also an extra special thanks to all the parents who attended training and the games. We had a very enthusiastic core group who provided massive encouragement and support at training and throughout out the season not only to our boys but also the opposition teams.

On behalf of Mike, Andrew and myself have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you all again next preseason.

Michael Farrant (Coach)

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