2016 Year 5 Reds


Back: Warren Wild (Coach), Jesse Zwitser, Oliver Beasley, Miles Renkema, Jaiken Vsye, Anthony Wild, Brodie Ridley, Jackson Thom, Cameron Ballantine, Willem Dorril, Matt Ridley (Asst. Coach)
Front: Brady Inferrera, Brady Walker, Jake Broomfield, Zach Baker, David Bell, Aidan Mapstone, Wesley Robartson, Luke Dharmapala
Absent: Rod Thom (Coach), Skye Saunders

Bulldogs Year 5 Reds had a fantastic year showing significant improvement in our skills and competitiveness from last year.

We focused our players on improving their marking, running and kicking this year and were pleased that we played some of our best football in the lightning carnival on the final weekend with the boys maintaining their concentration and effort all year.

Some of the highlights and improvements for each of our players were:

  • Aidan ‘Aido’ Mapstone – our most consistent ball winner and hardest worker. Just need to teach him how to use his left foot and will be unstoppable;
  • Anthony ‘Antman’ Wild – daring running off half back and ferocious tackling particularly in the first half of the year and loves to sell some candy;
  • Brady ‘Infa’ Inferrera – in his debut season kicked a bucket load of goals and always showed toughness around the hard balls. His left opened up the game and is the mirror image of Aidan.
  • Brady ‘Tex’ Walker – the ultimate team man whose encouragement is only matched by his willingness to take the game on in the air and on the ground;
  • Brodie ‘BJ’ Ridley – really shone in the second half when he started to back himself and break away from contests using his speed and superior kicking skills;
  • Cameron ‘Cambo’ Ballentine – really shone in the second half of the year especially when playing in the midfield when his second and third efforts won plenty of the ball
  • David ‘Belly’ Bell – when he is focused there is no one better at throwing himself at the ball and his kicking started to improve in this final stages of the year;
  • Jackson ‘Jacko’ Thom – got better every week and was one of our best players over the final 6 weeks. Wonderful kick and electric in the backline and fondly remember the 40m intercept he made at full speed.
  • Jake ‘Stringer’ Broomfield – winning our beep test at the start of the year confirmed Jake as one of our fittest players and finished the final month of the year taking amazing pack marks.
  • Jaiken ‘the Missile’ Vyse – one of our quickest runners and loved breaking away from the contest and developed his game to turn this into kicks for goal and by the end of the year had kicked quite a few
  • Jesse ‘Roo’ Switzer – one of our most athletic players launching higher in the air than any other player and took some fantastic marks. Really pleased to see his kicking improve and will really go places next year.
  • Luke ‘Browny’ Dharmapala – our most courageous player that loves backing into a pack and giving a few ‘don’t argues’ as he wheels onto his right for a goal
  • Miles ‘the Swimmer’ Renkema – the prodigal son returned after a year in soccer and we loved his marking, aggression and long kick. Always finished with a red face and we are tipping to really dominate next year
  • Ollie ‘Bones’ Beasley – another debut player and wins our most broken bones. We are still amazed at how many marks and goals he kicked in his first year of footy
  • Wes ‘Wally’ Robartson – a big improver from last year and showed us glimpses of what he can do in keeping his feet and fighting for the ball. Keeping working on the drop on your kick!
  • Will ‘Priddis’ Dorril – Amazing year. Listened and learnt every week and his footy just grew and grew. Speed, kicking and contest were top shelf and his goal breaking a tackle from 30m out in the lightning carnival made us dance.
  • Zac ‘big Z’ Baker – a born midfielder with a booming right kick and hard tackle, Zac really developed his footy skills this year and we saw his confidence grow to take strong chest marks.
  • Skye Saunders – started the year with the team but wasn’t able to continue with us for the rest of the year. We missed Skye’s smile and questions during the quarter time breaks!

Thanks boys for an entertaining and enjoyable year and to the parents for letting us coach and push your boys.

Warren, Matt and Rod (Coaches)

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