2016 Year 5 Whites


Back: Rob Butler (Asst. Coach), Mike North (Coach), Claire Greenwell (Team Manager)
Back: Logan Burns, Byron Johnstone, Mason Cailes-Spence, Maxwell Williams, Will Butler, Cyrus Roberts, Daniel Newman
Middle: Benjamin Bates, Lee Symonds, Jack Fairclough, Tyler Kirkby, Leo Mathys, Harrison Greenwell-Roberts
Front: Darcy Mc Dermott, Oliver Kelly, Kyle North, Luke Morey, Hudson Thomas and Ashwin Trehan

The Year 5 Wites had a season of trying to improve skills and understanding of the game while having fun as well.  The intensity level obviously went up from Year 4 and while it took a while for some (many?), to adjust to this and not hang back too much, others clearly reveled in it.

Our up and down form was often linked to how switched on the boys were – it was a learning experience for the coaches as well – by the end we were starting to learn a few tricks to get them switched on more often.

Towards the end of the year there were some games with great passages of team and individual play, linked handballs/kicks, players running past or from behind and even switching of the play across the ground into space.

Apart from continuing to work on kicking and handballing (especially on the run or under pressure), the boys are now at a stage where they need to combine good skills with intensity at the ball and understanding of the game to be effective players.  Leading, positioning, bodywork, run and carry together and clearing from congestion all become critical with Year 6 footy (smothering, shepherding allowed) going up in intensity again.  Hopefully all the boys can practice and have someone give them some tips while watching the AFL to start learn more about the game in the off-season.

Rob and I had fantastic help from our manager Claire and I look forward to seeing as many boys as possible back next year.

Mike North and Rob Butler (Coaches)

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