2016 Year 6s


Back: Richard Mulroney (Coach), Greg Collins (Team Manager), Tom Mulroney, Griffen Collins, Daniel Jackson, Gibson Castley, Declan Power, Jack Grant, Richard Power (Asst Coach), Angus Castley (Asst coach)
Middle: Oakleigh Robins, Jack Watters, Lachlan Jarvis, Kobe McManus, Harrison Grattidge, Lucas Walsh, William Winchester, Cameron Geaney
Front: Beau Allanson, Joseph Kelly, Daniel Rinaldi, Cameron Richards, Jack Clutterbuck, Daniel Brown
Absent: Kirell Kickett, Robbie Glazier, Jye Trundle, Ty Landsborough

I can’t believe another season has come to an end! What a season it was. The boys should be very proud of the way they’ve trained and played. Those of you who had the privilege of watching our games this year, no doubt witnessed stars of the future and great improvement not only as individual players but as a team showing great camaraderie and cohesiveness.

This year we had a Group of 22 players and welcomed 4 fantastic recruits – Jack Clutterbuck, Jack Grant, Lachlan Jarvis and William Winchester all of whom slotted really well into the team. I am not sure what’s in the water in our area but the boys came back this year bigger, stronger and with a hunger to win.

Our preseason commenced a little earlier than previous years however had added motivation with back to back half time AFL and WAFL Little Leagues games in front of 40,000 fans at Subiaco Oval in the Western Derby and the following week at East Fremantle Oval versus Claremont. To represent the Mighty Bulldogs (albeit in West Coast & Claremont jumpers) on the big stage was a fantastic thrill for the boys and proved to be a great warm up for the season.

We had some ripper games this year that certainly challenged the boys however to their credit, when pushed they responded. The improvement in tackling, contested footy, pressure on the ball carrier and end to end transitioning was brilliant to watch. Each and every one of our boys did the jumper proud!!

At this point I need to recognise a number individuals who made the season the success it was:

Greg Collins – as Team Manager did a fantastic job. The behind the scenes work Greg did this year to ensure the season ran smoothly can’t be underestimated – thanks Greg.

Angus Castley, Richard Power, John Watters – These gents were Assistant Coaches, Coaches, Runners, Umpires, jack of all trades really, but critical in developing the boys skills and I thank each of them for their contribution.

Lyn Grattidge, Amanda Richards & Tash Clutterbuck – Thanks ladies for taking on the first aid duties this year – greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters etc. for your enthusiastic support on game day and for helping out when it came your time on roster.

Our season concluded with us hosting the Year 6 carnival at Karoonda which was a great end to a fabulous season.  Greg Collins and Angus Castley need to be congratulated for the massive effort of coordinating and facilitating a terrific carnival.  Thanks guys.

It has been a privilege to coach this group of  fine, young men who all strive to improve and pleasing to see the results of their efforts not only on the field but off as they have developed and gelled to become a great bunch of mates.  The boys renditions of “Down at Karoonda” on the many occasions this season were sung with gusto and genuine pride and I hope this group of players continue on together to enjoy their footy, their mateships and no doubt success while representing our great club.

To the boys, enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing each of you all fired up and ready to go next season.

Keep the footy close – Go Bulldogs.

Richard Mulroney – Coach

2016 Year 6 Carnival – 28th August

NOTE: Booragoon JFC are co-hosting the Year 6 End-of-Season Carnival with East Fremantle JFC.  These details are for the Booragoon JFC hosting venue.

Sunday 28th August 2016
8:30AM to 12:30PM
Karoonda Park

The purpose of the Year 6 Carnival is to have fun, enjoy playing competitive games of football, and finish off the Junior Football season well.

We require that all players, coaches, officials and supporters participate in the right spirit and create a positive and fun Game Day Environment.

Each team will play approximately four 24 minute games.  Coaches briefing will be at 8:30AM, first game is at 9AM, last game just after midday.  Entry fee is $50 to cover umpire fees for the day.

Rules for the day:

  • Normal Year 6 game rules apply.  Exception is game duration – games will be two 12 minute halves
  • EFDFDC umpires will be officiating
  • Coaches, parents, players, and supporters are required to abide by the relevant Codes of Conduct, and create a positive and fun Game Day Environment
  • As for the regular season, all teams must supply a goal umpire, a first aid person, and may use a runner as per the By Laws
  • Team sheets must be submitted at the start of the carnival
  • All players are to be registered for the current season
  • If a club fields two or more teams, players may only play in their nominated team

The Booragoon Junior Football Club Inc reserves the right to run the only raffle on the day.  Our canteen will be operating on the day.

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to your clubs participation in our Carnival and trust that your players and their parents have an enjoyable day.


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12 Years & Under State Schoolboys 2016

Trials for the WA State Schoolboys 12 Years and Under Team will take place towards the end of 1st term and the April School holidays.  Players turning 11 and 12 years of age in 2016 are eligible to nominate to for trialing for the WA State team.

This year’s team will be travelling to Maroochydore in Queensland from July 22nd – 31st.  Details on trial dates can be found on the School Sport WA website – see http://www.schoolsportwa.com.au/interstate/afl/boys-12s.

In order to nominate for the trials please go to the School Sport WA website.  All relevant details can be found on this section of the website.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate in making contact us or:

Alex McLennan
Tour Leader / Manager
State 12 & Unders Team
School Sport WA
0438 937 078

2015 Year 6 Blues

2015 Team Y06b

Back: Kurt Davies (Manager), Andre Parker (Ass Coach), Saxon Keyt, Dominic Davies, Jame Speechley, Jack Piscioneri, Cameron Fox, Jackson McManus, Joel Miller, Reg Bourne (Coach)
Front: Luke Yeo, Joshua Bates, Chase Bourne, Kobe McManus, Jack Parker, Liam Mudd, James Saunders, Joel Frampton
Absent: Myles Gilmore (Inset), Jamie Dymmott (Inset)

Firstly I would like to thank the players and their parents for making this year very enjoyable. Thanks to Kurt our manager and Andre our Assistant Coach who have been instrumental with the running of the team. Thanks to all the parent helpers, you have done a great job fulfilling your rosters and getting the kids to training and to the games each week.

Taking over as coach I already new we had a group of boys that were tenacious ball getters and that we only had to refine their skills and gamesmanship in order to be successful. This year has seen the boys really gel as a team, they have shown a good level of discipline particularly with their training and their willingness to improve as footballers. The boys have come to rely on one another, they play well as a team and protect each other on the field. They’ve always shown great sportsmanship and solidarity which has helped to increase their success on and off the field.

The boys have grown as individuals within the team environment, they are respectful of one another and have demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the season. This group of boys have an indomitable mindset, they are focused on getting the job done, they’re always giving us their feedback, whether it be at training or at a game, they’re a responsible group of boys that contribute to the decision making process, all of which adds to their enjoyment and love of the game.

The boys have great aptitude for the game often demonstrating advanced structures, skills and discipline generally seen with older age groups. Quite often they will string together effective and intelligent passages of play which is fast becoming second nature to this group of boys. At times their marking and effective disposals is second to none, they successfully demonstrate these skills in most games highlighting how diverse their skill have developed this year. Another area of improvement which is executed very effectively is their 1%’ers, displayed every week it has become an integral part of their game and has been rarely matched this year.

The boys have had a great season with many highlights, they have been successful against some very tough opposition and they have won the prized Booragoon Year 6 Lightning Carnival.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching this year, we’ve had a great bunch of kids and a great bunch of parents. The boys have shown the coaches and manager respect at all times, they have been enthusiastic at training and have learnt a lot this year. I believe they have a great future as a team and encourage everyone of them to return next year to be part of the great Y7 Blues team in its first year in the premiership league.

Reg Bourne (Coach)

2016 Year 6 Whites

2015 Team Y06w

Back: Anthony Doig (Assistant Coach), Kingsley Morrisey (Coach), Heath Schmidt (Assistant Coach), Denise Bardill (Team Manager)
Middle: Luc Latino, Andrew Morrisey, Levi Jensen, Jack Peel, Max Larson, Alex Doig, Jamie King, Lachlan Garvey
Front: Harry Schmidt, Jayven Morey, Jason Scott, Lucas Clarke, Laken Wain, Chris Bardill, Devin Wilson-Bandy, Alex North

This team represented the Booragoon Bulldogs with pride and a great work ethic. I would firstly like to thank Heath and Anthony for giving me the opportunity to coach at Booragoon again. The season in review was a great success that came with ups and downs but finished strongly on a positive upward trend.

This team was very competitive across the season, which was the main aim. Whilst you don’t keep scores you always like to know as an indicator how the boys are tracking. The season started strongly with five excellent performances and then as the season went further, the boys got tired and started deviating from the new game style that was being developed. The last six games were the best to watch these boys develop as young footballers. The team regained it’s confidence and went back to the game style and the difference was even better than the start of the season. The movement of the ball was fast and the style the team played at was unrelenting towards the opposition.

The main focus of the coaches for this team:

  1. Contested ball 100% of the time, being air or ground
  2. Overhead marking at all costs
  3. Spread , time and space, creating for ourselves, and closing down the opposition
  4. Hitting Targets with our handball and kicking

Did we accomplish that? Yes we did with more improvement to come.

Boys, thank you for the year I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased the way every player improved and the way you embraced what was being taught.

Special Thanks to:

  • Assistant coaches Heath Schmidt and Anthony Doig once again thanks for the opportunity.
  • Team Manager Denise Bardill for the time and effort for the admin side without this no game can be played.
  • First Aid Marie Schmidt
  • Runners Gary Peel and Alan Scott, thanks for your assistance on the day.

Last, you the parents, thanks for the opportunity to develop your sons football, I hoped they gained a lot from the season.

Kingsley Morrisey (Coach)

State Schoolboys U12s Team 2015

State Schoolboys U12s Team 2015

Trials for the 2015 WA State Schoolboys Under 12s Team (Year 6 and Year 7) will take place during 1st term and the April School holidays. Players turning 12 years of age in 2015 are eligible to nominate.

This year’s WA state schoolboys team will be travelling to Geelong in Victoria from July 17th – 26th. The trial dates can be found on the School Sport WA website with trials being held in Karrinyup, Herne Hill and Mandurah.

In order to nominate for the trials please go to the School Sport WA website – locate the ‘Interstate’ at the top of the page.

Please let your Booragoon Bulldogs Coach and/or Committee rep know you are nominating.

If you have any queries please contact the School Sport WA office or:

Alex McLennan
Tour Leader / Manager
State 12s Team
School Sport WA
9276 5832 (via Camboon Primary School)
0438 937 078

2014 Year 6 Blue

The 2014 season delivered another fantastic season of football, resulting in the further development of a most formidable team that will bode well for the club s future success.

It was extremely pleasing to witness not only the individual improvement of the skills of the players, but more importantly the team-based strategies and plays that are critical for a team to advance to the next level.

Particularly impressive was the mature attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to learn at training and the way they executed these lessons in game day competition. Our exciting run and carry style of play was injected with ferocious tackling and a level of shepherding that has not been seen since biblical times.

The boys responded very well to the old school coaching demands of disciplined punt kicking (no screw kicks), sharing the ball and protecting their teammates. We generated many large scores, but at the same time adhering fully to the rotation and other policies which bring fairness and enjoyment to the entire group.

The team is served extremely well with such dedicated and knowledgeable coaches as Peter Collins and Craig Flowers. It is no coincidence that we had a remarkable administrative team of managers led by the ever-giving Andrew Spinks, supported by Jenny Duffield and Shaun Yeo. Together with the flag wavers, medics, canteen servers, parents and supporters I thank everyone for their genuine and most valued contributions throughout the year.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time as coaches over the past several years with the satisfaction of retaining so many wonderful young men into this great game and witnessing the enjoyment it brings them and their families, while at the same time providing them with a solid skills base for the future.

As always, it has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with, have fun, share success, teach and learn from this wonderful bunch of boys.

Next year will provide us all with even greater opportunities and challenges as we move to playing on a larger ground, with 18 players, split divisions, for premiership points and finals. I would expect deep September action for the players of the Mighty Blues!!

Mike Webb (Coach)