2015 Year 6 Blues

2015 Team Y06b

Back: Kurt Davies (Manager), Andre Parker (Ass Coach), Saxon Keyt, Dominic Davies, Jame Speechley, Jack Piscioneri, Cameron Fox, Jackson McManus, Joel Miller, Reg Bourne (Coach)
Front: Luke Yeo, Joshua Bates, Chase Bourne, Kobe McManus, Jack Parker, Liam Mudd, James Saunders, Joel Frampton
Absent: Myles Gilmore (Inset), Jamie Dymmott (Inset)

Firstly I would like to thank the players and their parents for making this year very enjoyable. Thanks to Kurt our manager and Andre our Assistant Coach who have been instrumental with the running of the team. Thanks to all the parent helpers, you have done a great job fulfilling your rosters and getting the kids to training and to the games each week.

Taking over as coach I already new we had a group of boys that were tenacious ball getters and that we only had to refine their skills and gamesmanship in order to be successful. This year has seen the boys really gel as a team, they have shown a good level of discipline particularly with their training and their willingness to improve as footballers. The boys have come to rely on one another, they play well as a team and protect each other on the field. They’ve always shown great sportsmanship and solidarity which has helped to increase their success on and off the field.

The boys have grown as individuals within the team environment, they are respectful of one another and have demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the season. This group of boys have an indomitable mindset, they are focused on getting the job done, they’re always giving us their feedback, whether it be at training or at a game, they’re a responsible group of boys that contribute to the decision making process, all of which adds to their enjoyment and love of the game.

The boys have great aptitude for the game often demonstrating advanced structures, skills and discipline generally seen with older age groups. Quite often they will string together effective and intelligent passages of play which is fast becoming second nature to this group of boys. At times their marking and effective disposals is second to none, they successfully demonstrate these skills in most games highlighting how diverse their skill have developed this year. Another area of improvement which is executed very effectively is their 1%’ers, displayed every week it has become an integral part of their game and has been rarely matched this year.

The boys have had a great season with many highlights, they have been successful against some very tough opposition and they have won the prized Booragoon Year 6 Lightning Carnival.

I have thoroughly enjoyed coaching this year, we’ve had a great bunch of kids and a great bunch of parents. The boys have shown the coaches and manager respect at all times, they have been enthusiastic at training and have learnt a lot this year. I believe they have a great future as a team and encourage everyone of them to return next year to be part of the great Y7 Blues team in its first year in the premiership league.

Reg Bourne (Coach)

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