2016 Year 6 Whites

2015 Team Y06w

Back: Anthony Doig (Assistant Coach), Kingsley Morrisey (Coach), Heath Schmidt (Assistant Coach), Denise Bardill (Team Manager)
Middle: Luc Latino, Andrew Morrisey, Levi Jensen, Jack Peel, Max Larson, Alex Doig, Jamie King, Lachlan Garvey
Front: Harry Schmidt, Jayven Morey, Jason Scott, Lucas Clarke, Laken Wain, Chris Bardill, Devin Wilson-Bandy, Alex North

This team represented the Booragoon Bulldogs with pride and a great work ethic. I would firstly like to thank Heath and Anthony for giving me the opportunity to coach at Booragoon again. The season in review was a great success that came with ups and downs but finished strongly on a positive upward trend.

This team was very competitive across the season, which was the main aim. Whilst you don’t keep scores you always like to know as an indicator how the boys are tracking. The season started strongly with five excellent performances and then as the season went further, the boys got tired and started deviating from the new game style that was being developed. The last six games were the best to watch these boys develop as young footballers. The team regained it’s confidence and went back to the game style and the difference was even better than the start of the season. The movement of the ball was fast and the style the team played at was unrelenting towards the opposition.

The main focus of the coaches for this team:

  1. Contested ball 100% of the time, being air or ground
  2. Overhead marking at all costs
  3. Spread , time and space, creating for ourselves, and closing down the opposition
  4. Hitting Targets with our handball and kicking

Did we accomplish that? Yes we did with more improvement to come.

Boys, thank you for the year I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased the way every player improved and the way you embraced what was being taught.

Special Thanks to:

  • Assistant coaches Heath Schmidt and Anthony Doig once again thanks for the opportunity.
  • Team Manager Denise Bardill for the time and effort for the admin side without this no game can be played.
  • First Aid Marie Schmidt
  • Runners Gary Peel and Alan Scott, thanks for your assistance on the day.

Last, you the parents, thanks for the opportunity to develop your sons football, I hoped they gained a lot from the season.

Kingsley Morrisey (Coach)

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