2015 Year 7 Blues

2015 Team Y07b

Back: Craig Flowers (Coach), Mark Casey (Runner), Dylan Parker, Cameron Paterson, Cameron Birkholz, Sam Grattidge, Riley
Spinks, Max Kite, Lochlan Oversby, Andrew Spinks (Manager), Michael Webb (Mentor)
3rd Row: William Goodlet, Nick Yeo, Rhys Doig, Trent Pagnoni, Matthew Flowers, Sam Collins
2nd Row: Jacob Lippiatt, Max Farrow, Michael Price, Luke Miller, Peter Collins (Coach)
Front: Fynn Gardner, Oliver Leonard, Ryan Sinnott, Tom Casey, Ethan Richards
Absent: Khephren Trehan (inset), Michael Hardie (inset)

Craig and I started the year with a new look outfit with the bulk of our existing group and several new player’s welcomed to the blues as a result of three teams merging into two teams. We lost a couple of our stars from last year and one notable absentee was the long serving Blues Coach, Michael Webb.

The coaching staff knew that this year was going to be tougher than previous years with notable physical growth, increased speed and refined skills evident within the group. However we had a new mix of team members and our main priority was to bring this new group together and introduce them to the Blue’s culture.

Our first three games provided mixed results and we were off to a slow start. Parents had been informed of our game day strategy and so were the players however the Blues were not seeing results on the scoreboard. Plan B started at training with the aim of assisting our young boys to become more mature footballers. Plan B consisted of game based training drills and the consequences of training mistakes were push up’s, and plenty of them. The boys responded and approached training with the intensity that we were after and with no complaints.

The Blues won the last 10 games of the season, beating everyone above and below us on the ladder. The players bought their intensity at training to the games and dominated contested possession. Parents were happy, players were happy, but more importantly the Blues as a whole were enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately we didn’t progress any further than the first week of the finals after having high expectations of further success.

The 2015 season was a very successful year for the players of the Blue team; Craig and I were very proud of the way the players competed and conducted themselves during the year.

We would like to thank Andrew Spinks our team manager, Andre Parker who assisted Andrew during the year and Mark Casey for being our runner as well as all the parents that helped during the year in various roles. We would also like to thank Anthony Doig and the Booragoon committee for the fantastic support and club structure which affords us the opportunity for the boys and supporters to enjoy the game we all love.

Go the BLUES !
Peter Collins & Craig Flowers (Coaches)

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