2016 Year 7


Back: Reg Bourne (Coach), Harry Schmidt, Sam Washington, Max Larson, Jackson McManus, Luke Chapman, Jame Speechley, Luc Latino, Jack Garland-Dixon, Levi Jensen, Andrew Morisey, Javen Morey, Kingsley Morisey (Coach), Meegan Bourne (Manager)
Middle: Lucas Clarke, Alex North, Chris Bardill, Jack Parker, Luke Yeo, Laken Wain, Joshua Bates, Joel Frampton
Front: Jason Scott, Oli Casale, Riley Barraclough, Chase Bourne, Riley Standing
Absent: Dom Davies, Cameron Fox, Devin Wilson-Bandy

We would like to thank the players and their parents for making this season an enjoyable one. Thanks to Meegan our manager for keeping the parents informed and for all the additional organizing she has done with the banners and the awards. Thanks to all the parent helpers, without you doing your rosters and helping out our season wouldn’t be possible.

Having two coaches this year has brought a broader learning experience for the boys. It has been a lot for them to take in but they have managed well. This year has seen the boys really gel well as one team, they have shown a good level of discipline particularly with their training and their willingness to improve as footballers. The boys have come to rely on one another, they play well as a team and protect each other on the field. They always show great sportsmanship and solidarity on game day regardless of the outcome.

The boys have grown as individuals within the team environment, they are respectful of one another and have demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the season. The boys interact well with the coaches and are always willing to give feedback.

We agree that the boys have improved a lot since the start of the season particularly their teamwork. The signs are very good for the team, we’ve seen glimpses of brilliant play demonstrated throughout the year and we think that next year should see them step up to the next level and come into their own.

We both have enjoyed coaching the boys this year and thank Booragoon JFC for the opportunity. This is a great group of boys with the potential to be a great football team.

Reg Bourne & Kingsley Morisey (Co-Coaches)

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