2011 Under 14s Report

Congratulations to the boys on their 2011 season. We just missed out on playing finals by half a game. If I were writing this after a Grand Final win I would be waxing lyrical about season superiority, dominance and such like superlatives and everybody would be pumping out their chests. We didn’t win the Premiership but that makes me no less proud of our boys. Let’s look at the season in two frames; Firstly we won as many games as we lost. Now lets put a microscope on that. Disregarding one poor performance, our average losing margin across the entire season was a mere 10 points. Less than 2 goals. This is telling me the boys never tossed in the towel. Only one side had a lower ‘against’ percentage. Secondly, our average winning margin was over eight goals. This reads as the boys staying focused and working hard right to the final siren.

History will record the scores, but the coaching staff will take so much more out of season 2011. Watching the boys hone their skills and developing an understanding of the importance of team play but also build lifelong friendships with teammates, some with football as their only common thread. I was very impressed having them all turn up to training after a loss, knowing its going to be tough. Confronting the coach with reasons why they can’t train full tilt. These are the character builders that the boys have come through with flying colours. I’ve had occasion to ride individuals on training nights when they seem all at sea and on not one occasion have I seen the boys ‘ride’ them. Each time they have got in behind with words of encouragement. These are the things that parents should be so proud of, building solid young men of character. Bring on season 2012.

Congratulations to Jamie Meade who played his 100th game with the club.

Thanks to Julie and Rosie.

Neville Meade (Coach)

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