2018 WAFL 16s Development Squads – registration/permit process


2018 16s Development Squad players will need to register to their Junior Community Club between February 1 & February 28 using an alternate product set up by the WAFC.

In 2017, the the WAFL 16s Development Squad Carnival was managed through Footyweb for the first time to ensure player tracking data and player work load trends being recorded.

The WAFL 16s Development Carnival will be held between March 10 & April 14, 2018 and WAFL clubs are required to “permit” players prior to the commencement of matches. In order apply for a permit, each player needs to be registered to their Junior Community Club.

The following guidelines have been established to:
a) ensure operational efficiency and reduce the workload for both WAFL and Junior Community Clubs
b) ensure that Junior Community Clubs retain primary club ownership of their young talented players

Player Guidelines
1. WAFL 16s Development Squad Players must register with their Junior Community Club prior to the 16s Carnival by no later than February 28, 2018.
2. Players will be required to pay their club registration fees at a later date in consultation with their Junior Community Club.

Community Club Guidelines
1. Online registration forms must be updated for the 2018 season by no later than February 1 in order for Development Squad players to register, allowing the WAFL club to submit a “Type 2 permit request”.
2. Junior Community Clubs must then manually add a transaction to Development Squad players’ records in order to receive payment for registration fees.

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