Auskick – 2017 Season Kick-off


Season Kick-Off

Sunday 7th May 8.30am

Karoonda Oval


Meet out the front of clubrooms

  • Introduction from the coordinators
  • Boys and Girls divided into year groups
  • Parents information talk (house-keeping, expectations)
  • Uniform orders (shorts and socks)

Volunteers Required:

First Aid Officers (2 per year group)

Pre-Primary Team Manager

Year 1 Team Manager

Year 2 Team Manager

Year 2 Assistant Coaches

Assistant Auskick Coordinator

Auskick Coordinator 2019 😀

2016 Auskick Pre-Primary


Back: Rory McAllister (Coach), Daniel Schmidt (Coach)
Middle: Taj Sullivan, Harrison De-Felice, Reeve Cailes-Spence, Hugo Patching, Max Woods, Carter Pratt, Jude McAllister
Front: Boston Whincup, Lachlan Bell, Lachlan Raddock, Cassius Wilson-Bandy, Isaac Eastaugh
Absent: Jarrad Dean, Alex Goddard, Samuel Morin, Veer Raikundalia, Cooper Rose

Congratulations Pre Primary Bulldogs on a fantastic first season of Auskick!

The improvement in each and every one of you from the first week of the season to the carnival at Rossmoyne last week was incredible!

Our main focus for this very important first year of AFL was learning the basic skills and the correct technique needed for these skills such as hand balling, kicking, marking, talking and probably most important of all – LISTENING. There was massive improvement in every one of these areas so well done champions!

It was an absolute privilege to coach all of you future stars this year and I enjoyed every minute (almost :)) of it. I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as me and most importantly had fun learning the greatest sport on the planet.

I would to thank all of the parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties and anyone else that helped make this year so much fun and assisted with washing jumpers, oranges etc.
I would also like to thank Daniel Schmidt for his commitment this year as assistant coach and for putting up with me yelling at him so much. Thanks Daniel – great job mate!

Thank you to Brooke for managing the team and a massive thank you to Renee Cailes for taking over as manager and doing a brilliant job!

I hope this season of AFL was the first of many more to come for you champion Bulldogs!

Who are we? BULLDOGS…

Rory McAllister (Coach)

2016 Auskick Year 2


Back: Dean Motton (Coordinator) Mark Ainsworth (Coach), Tim Gilliland (Team Manager)
Middle: Xavier Tooker, Joe Robins, Alex Budge, Sam Gardner, Marcus Motton, Zack Ainsworth, Andrew Renouf, Leo Whincop, Lincoln Ross
Middle: Daniel Cortez, Michael Gerovich, Callum Cumming, Taylan Wain, Adam Glass, Angus Johnstone, Ben Cunnold, Kiel Bolton, Mitchell Parker, Campbell Baldaccino
Front: Kai Milward, Kieran Ho , Jai Gilliland, Matthew Smith, Fletcher Brown, Mitchel Belton
Absent: Nathan Abramoff, Oscar Biddle, Michael Beahan Warman, Rene Catovic, Bryn Fairclough, George Fellows, Matthew Fowlie, Zac Goddard, Mitchell Hinton-Cox, Tom Larson, Kelly Patten, Alex Sanchez, Matt Brown (Coach), Simon Biddle (Coach)

Year 2 Auskick started the season with 39 kids, the majority returning from the previous year with the addition of some handy recruits. It was a busy year with 4 games against Canning Vale at the kennel, a carnival at East Fremantle oval, an under lights game against Mt Pleasant Mounties, home and away fixture against Attadale and the Rossmoyne carnival to wrap up the season. The highlight for me was the games against the “Mounties” which our boys were younger, out-sized and not as developed but not one of our “terriers” gave up the fight, with enthusiasm taking a back seat to determination.

Along with all the skills training a big focus this year was teamwork and bringing your teammates into the game. With the skills and teamwork progressing parents who turned out rain or shine were treated to some exciting passages of footy, evidenced at the Rossmoyne carnival with some precise kicking, running to space and great marking after the ball was kicked out at full back, making its way to the forward line and resulting in a goal without touching the ground or the opposition laying a hand on the ball.

A huge thank you to Tim Gilliland for managing the team, from keeping us all organised, washing the jumpers (thanks Felicity) to bringing oranges and the boys favourite (lollies) for after the game. Also a big thanks for pulling on your coaches shirt when the need arose, cheers mate.

On behalf of Coach Matt, Coach Simon and myself we would like to thank all the parents who helped throughout the year from setting up to packing up, goal umpiring, being involved in training and supporting our Bulldogs.

A big shout out to Dean (Auskick Coordinator) for organising our games against our opposition this year and generally making Sunday morning run smooth. Big shoes to fill with Dean stepping down.

To all of the Bulldogs, really great season boys, keep working on your skills and we’ll see you next season.

Mark Ainsworth, Matt Brown, Simon Biddle (Coaches)

2016 Auskick Report

The 2016 season kicked off on Sunday 1st May with bright sunshine and 108 keen and enthusiastic Auskickers.

It was great to welcome a few new coaches on board which added to our already strong group of coaches who put their hand up again this year. The coaches not only set up sound training sessions each week to develop the children’s skills and techniques, they also made it a lot of fun and ensured that everyone was involved.

A special mention to our team managers who did a fantastic job throughout the season ensuring that the Auskickers were well fed with oranges and treats as well as ensuring that Club jumpers were allocated, collected, washed and back again the following week.

Thank you to all of the volunteers this season. Whether it was helping the coaches or being the first aid person, your help is much appreciated and goes a long way towards making the Booragoon Bulldogs a fantastic Club.

A few highlights this year included a trip to East Fremantle for a Carnival, Auskick under lights against the Mt Pleasant Mounties, followed by a few Dads dusting off their boots for the Dads V Vets Match and Grandparents Day with all of the kids running through one of three banners. It was fantastic to see so many families supporting the Auskick groups. Other notable days were the numerous Year 2 games against Canning Vale and Attadale and to finish off the season, the Rossmoyne Carnival.

Most importantly I would like to thank the boys and girls and their parents/grandparents for their commitment to the early Sunday mornings. It is very rewarding to see the improvement of each and every player throughout the year.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in coordinating our Auskick program over the past couple of years. I have really enjoyed the role and although I will be moving to the junior side of our football club next season, I will provide a hand over to our next Auskick Coordinator to ensure the continual strength of Auskick at the Booragoon Bulldogs in 2017.

See you all next year.

Dean Motton (Auskick Coordinator)

2016 Auskick Year 1


Back: Jeremy Cordina (Coach), Drazen Nikolic (Coach), Brad Coster (Coach), George Harrison (Coach)
Middle: Dash Peake, Dewi Jones, Richard Gerovich, William Harrison, Joshua Coster, Keiran Morar, Sara Nikolic, Jerome Tan, Ethan Enqi Zhang, Leon Lowrey, Leon Tavani, Oliver Taylor, Cavan Lee, Kai Lowrey, Tyson Monie, Jayden Trewartha, Benjamin Renouf
Middle: Billy Ryan, Bradley Goodlet, Luca Cannell, Zac Anderson, Aiden Blake, Hudson Woods-Smith, Oliver Horley, Ineeka Wain, Mitchell Bentley
Front: Banjo Gurry, Sebastian Kirke, Horace Pearson, Lucas Morisey, Aaron Gibson, Mathew Power, Brock Wilkinson, Casey Hart, Kayla Clarke, Oscar Cordina, Riley Dean, John Lewins, Grace Bolton, Izaek Bodur
Absent: Toby Officer, Lachlan Morin, Oscar Carroll, Jay Richards, Oliver Yeo, Zach Ivandich, Reece Malcolm, Elizabeth Kivelhan, Marcus Aulfrey, Che Trundle , Ryan Fasher, Cagan Polat, William Rusbatch

The Year 1 Auskickers had a great 2016 season. This is the second season that Brad, George and I have coached this group and we have seen significant improvement in the group as whole with weekly games showing improved teamwork and skills. We had some wet sessions this year which were endured by the coaches and relished by the kids. Special thanks to Drazen who came in as a coach mid season.

On behalf of the coaches we would like to thank you for your participation and enthusiasm and we look forward to seeing you all in 2017.

Jeremy Cordina (Coach)

AFL Auskick Packs Available – 20th March

AFL Auskick Packs have finally arrived and will be available to pick up from Karoonda Park on Sunday 20th of March between 10AM and 12PM.  We also have 2015 Yearbooks available for returning players.

To receive a pack you will need to be Registered for 2016 and have paid fees – please bring your receipt on the day.  If you haven’t done so yet, you can register and pay online by clicking here.

There will be limited facilities to Register and Pay on the day, it’d be great if you can do this online beforehand.

2015 Super 8s Blue (Year 3s)

2015 Team Y03b

Back: Ryan Manason (Manager), Lindsay Marley (Coach), Craig Nelson (Coach), Blair Marley (Assistant Coach), Andrea Manason (Manager)
Middle: Taj Rowson, Matthew Gerovich, Callum Boyce, Sam Nelson, Kai McLeod, Myles Marley, Evan Fasher
Front: Travis Strahan, Joeseph Mattingly, Simon Budge, Kieran Manason, Jermain Kickett, Jordan Brown, Brock Ridgeway
Absent: William Fraser, Lindsay Corbett

What a fantastic season!! We have watched this group grow and develop over the season into a formidable team willing to take on taller teams with relentless energy and enthusiasm. The kids all adapted quickly to the transition from Auskick style of play into junior football and relished in the opportunities of open play footy.
We entered the season with 16 aspiring young footballers, a simple game plan and have taken a huge step forward in understanding how the game is played, how to get the most enjoyment out of each game and how to work together as a team to achieve success.

The latter half of the season has seen significant improvement from all kids who have been putting on some spectacular displays of team footy. This rapid advancement has enabled us to expand our game plan and challenge ourselves to improve each week. Well done and congratulations to all the players, you have been a fantastic bunch to coach and we hope to see you all back next year.
I hope the parents have enjoyed watching the kids grow and develop over the season as much as I have and would like to thank you all for your support, assistance at training and game days and most importantly, bringing your kids to footy each and every week. Thank you. I believe the parents have bragging rights from the kids vs parents scratch match, albeit by a couple of points on the siren.

A special mention to Ryan Budge, our team photographer. You have taken some magnificent photos over the season and I would like to thank you for capturing this and sharing with us.
Thank you Blair Marley, our assistant coach. You have been a great help throughout the season from taking small groups at training, warm ups before the game, time keeping, changing the board, and helping set up and pack away. I know the kids have enjoyed having you there every week. Your focus and commitment to the team was much appreciated by both Craig and I and we hope you have enjoyed the experience and learnt more about footy on and off the field.

A big thanks to Andrea and Ryan Manason, our team managers. You both have done a fantastic job in your first season and I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I hope to see you both back again next year, particularly Ryan after setting the dress standard for the kids vs parents match!!

Finally, a massive thanks to Coach Craig Nelson. Your support, ideas and enthusiasm have been fantastic this year. Without your support, the achievements our kids made this year would not have been possible. I have enjoyed coaching with you and look forward to the next season and beyond standing beside you. Thank you.

I hope everyone involved with the Mighty Super 8 Blue team have enjoyed the season and I hope to see you all again next year.

“Go the Doggies”
Lindsay Marley (Coach)

2015 Super 8s Whites (Year 3s)

2015 Team Y03w

Back: Mike Allen (Coach), Mick Farrant (Coach)
Middle: Riley Auret, Charlie Allen, Brett Mitchell, James Pollard, Lachlan Caddy, Josh Farrant, Tim Glazier
Front: Lucas O’Brien, Tom Savage, Daniel Parry, Leo Bolton
Absent: Chris Huth, Tyler Elliott, Josh Daff, Isaac Beitmanas, Ben Kilvelhan, Lucas Gillies

2015 was a big year for the Super 8s. Two teams were fielded this year and myself along with assistant coach Mike Allen had the privilege of coaching the White team.

There were a number of firsts this year with the boys playing weekly home and away matches against the other footy clubs in the East Fremantle district, using the size 2 ball for the first time and the wrap around tackle. Both teams trained on Wednesday afternoons for an hour with the boys honing their footy skills and game knowledge.

The home and away season saw us travelling to a number of different venues and with the quality of the games getting better and better as the season progressed, the uplift in both skill level and confidence from the boys was a joy to watch. We also had a wonderful parent group who were loud and proud with much encouragement from the sidelines while always ensuring the opposition players got their fair share of praise for great play. Parents taking the lead with sportsmanship like this was great to see and sent a great message to the kids.

Special Thank you must go out to Andrew Auret – team manager, Marty Savage – goal umpire and Brad Beitmamas – enthusiasm coach, and to all the parents for ensuring their kids made it to training and for the encouragement and support they provided to the boys on game day.

A great season was had by all and we look forward to all the boys returning for a big 2016.

Mick Farrant (Coach)

2015 Year 2s

2015 Team Y02

Back: Harry Newman, Zac Runkle, Josh Firth, Lachlan Allanson, Finlay Yeo, Lucas Caporn, Jamie Nuttal, Ben Tyrrell (Coach), Lleyton Bourne (Coach)
Middle: Steve King (Coach), Aryan Shreedhar, Harley Barkla-Baylis, Jeff Tyrrell, Oakley Bourne, Will Potter, Hunter Cairns, Max King, Bailey Browning, Aiden Tan
Front: Lucas Baldacchino, Alexander Dempsey, Rory Tweedie, Thomas Cordina, Hudson Spinks, Josh Kelly, Angus Scott
Absent: Rio Amaro, Judah Councillor, Jacob Geaney, Charlie Granville, Jack Granville, Fletcher Petersen

Well Team we’ve made it through another season! On behalf of Lleyton, Ben & I, thanks; we had a blast. We hope you all improved your ball skills, leant something about football, liked the teamwork, but most of all we hope you had some fun.

Throughout the year we focused on;
• Being accurate with disposals
• Kicking both short & long (at goal)
• Handballing
• Marking both chest & overhead
• Being first to the ball
• Agility and running into space
• Teamwork
• Positions on the field and picking up the opposition

I’m sure everyone will agree that all of the boys have improved, and are playing with great teamwork. The handball and run out of defence has been a highlight!

During the year we played against Piara Waters; one team at home & one team away. It was great to see & hear about the teamwork; run out defensive, a string of handballs, a couple of great shots on goal, and some big marks. For the record both teams won, and I think a few parents were surprised with how well the boys played.

To the parents; thanks, obviously things just don’t happen without people getting involved, so from helping set up, clean-up, team jumpers, kitchen rosters etc., simply thanks. Each weekend could not have run without your involvement. As coaches we enjoy every Sunday morning, and I’d encourage you to get out in the backyard or park, and keep kicking, handballing, marking, or just walking & talking with the boys. They are a great bunch, and its privilege to coach them.

Finally, to my little mates Lleyton & Ben; you’re both champs. Lleyton brings the fun factor and enthusiasm, while Ben’s the quite achiever; thanks guys.

Steve King