2016 Year 7


Back: Reg Bourne (Coach), Harry Schmidt, Sam Washington, Max Larson, Jackson McManus, Luke Chapman, Jame Speechley, Luc Latino, Jack Garland-Dixon, Levi Jensen, Andrew Morisey, Javen Morey, Kingsley Morisey (Coach), Meegan Bourne (Manager)
Middle: Lucas Clarke, Alex North, Chris Bardill, Jack Parker, Luke Yeo, Laken Wain, Joshua Bates, Joel Frampton
Front: Jason Scott, Oli Casale, Riley Barraclough, Chase Bourne, Riley Standing
Absent: Dom Davies, Cameron Fox, Devin Wilson-Bandy

We would like to thank the players and their parents for making this season an enjoyable one. Thanks to Meegan our manager for keeping the parents informed and for all the additional organizing she has done with the banners and the awards. Thanks to all the parent helpers, without you doing your rosters and helping out our season wouldn’t be possible.

Having two coaches this year has brought a broader learning experience for the boys. It has been a lot for them to take in but they have managed well. This year has seen the boys really gel well as one team, they have shown a good level of discipline particularly with their training and their willingness to improve as footballers. The boys have come to rely on one another, they play well as a team and protect each other on the field. They always show great sportsmanship and solidarity on game day regardless of the outcome.

The boys have grown as individuals within the team environment, they are respectful of one another and have demonstrated great leadership qualities throughout the season. The boys interact well with the coaches and are always willing to give feedback.

We agree that the boys have improved a lot since the start of the season particularly their teamwork. The signs are very good for the team, we’ve seen glimpses of brilliant play demonstrated throughout the year and we think that next year should see them step up to the next level and come into their own.

We both have enjoyed coaching the boys this year and thank Booragoon JFC for the opportunity. This is a great group of boys with the potential to be a great football team.

Reg Bourne & Kingsley Morisey (Co-Coaches)

12 Years & Under State Schoolboys 2016

Trials for the WA State Schoolboys 12 Years and Under Team will take place towards the end of 1st term and the April School holidays.  Players turning 11 and 12 years of age in 2016 are eligible to nominate to for trialing for the WA State team.

This year’s team will be travelling to Maroochydore in Queensland from July 22nd – 31st.  Details on trial dates can be found on the School Sport WA website – see http://www.schoolsportwa.com.au/interstate/afl/boys-12s.

In order to nominate for the trials please go to the School Sport WA website.  All relevant details can be found on this section of the website.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate in making contact us or:

Alex McLennan
Tour Leader / Manager
State 12 & Unders Team
School Sport WA
0438 937 078

2015 Year 7 Blues

2015 Team Y07b

Back: Craig Flowers (Coach), Mark Casey (Runner), Dylan Parker, Cameron Paterson, Cameron Birkholz, Sam Grattidge, Riley
Spinks, Max Kite, Lochlan Oversby, Andrew Spinks (Manager), Michael Webb (Mentor)
3rd Row: William Goodlet, Nick Yeo, Rhys Doig, Trent Pagnoni, Matthew Flowers, Sam Collins
2nd Row: Jacob Lippiatt, Max Farrow, Michael Price, Luke Miller, Peter Collins (Coach)
Front: Fynn Gardner, Oliver Leonard, Ryan Sinnott, Tom Casey, Ethan Richards
Absent: Khephren Trehan (inset), Michael Hardie (inset)

Craig and I started the year with a new look outfit with the bulk of our existing group and several new player’s welcomed to the blues as a result of three teams merging into two teams. We lost a couple of our stars from last year and one notable absentee was the long serving Blues Coach, Michael Webb.

The coaching staff knew that this year was going to be tougher than previous years with notable physical growth, increased speed and refined skills evident within the group. However we had a new mix of team members and our main priority was to bring this new group together and introduce them to the Blue’s culture.

Our first three games provided mixed results and we were off to a slow start. Parents had been informed of our game day strategy and so were the players however the Blues were not seeing results on the scoreboard. Plan B started at training with the aim of assisting our young boys to become more mature footballers. Plan B consisted of game based training drills and the consequences of training mistakes were push up’s, and plenty of them. The boys responded and approached training with the intensity that we were after and with no complaints.

The Blues won the last 10 games of the season, beating everyone above and below us on the ladder. The players bought their intensity at training to the games and dominated contested possession. Parents were happy, players were happy, but more importantly the Blues as a whole were enjoying themselves.

Unfortunately we didn’t progress any further than the first week of the finals after having high expectations of further success.

The 2015 season was a very successful year for the players of the Blue team; Craig and I were very proud of the way the players competed and conducted themselves during the year.

We would like to thank Andrew Spinks our team manager, Andre Parker who assisted Andrew during the year and Mark Casey for being our runner as well as all the parents that helped during the year in various roles. We would also like to thank Anthony Doig and the Booragoon committee for the fantastic support and club structure which affords us the opportunity for the boys and supporters to enjoy the game we all love.

Go the BLUES !
Peter Collins & Craig Flowers (Coaches)

2015 Year 7 Whites

2015 Team Y07w

Back: Heidi Cook (Manager), Ethan Lewins, Jake Thygesen, Steve Dropulich (Manager), Bet Chamnan, Charles Casale, Leigh Wardell-Johnson (Assistant Coach), Lachlan Ballantine, Graeme Fitzgerald (Coach), Thomas Gerovich, Nick Casale (Assistant Coach), Andrew Gerovich, Kyle MacDonald, Paul MacDonald (Assistant Coach)
Middle: Stacey Collier, Hamish Wardell-Johnson, Connor Fitzgerald, Declan Ryan, Jad Dropulich, Cameron Webb, Lachlan Wild, Alex Marchese
Front: Liam Barnett, Jackson Halse, Ryan Leong, Luke Frampton, Daniel Davison, Lochlan Irwin, Ethan Cook, Oliver Reed
Absent: Troy Irwin (Assistant Coach)

The season started with the creation of two year 7 teams from the previous year’s three year 6 teams. This meant we had good numbers of around 23-24 in each team which gave us great depth when people were away on holidays or kids were off sick or injured.

Our season was a tale of 3 parts with the first 1/3rd of the season being about building momentum while the kids started to enjoy playing footy together. The middle 1/3rd was our most successful part of the season where we played some excellent team footy and saw us become the first team to defeat Applecross who went on to win the year 7 premiership. The latter 1/3rd of the season saw us have less wins, yet the kids got to play off for the Plate Final and participate in two finals which was a great experience for them.

This is my 10th year coaching at Booragoon and I am very fortunate to be surrounded by some fantastic people which makes the task of coaching very easy. Thanks to Paul “Macca” McDonald for always being there and a great pillar of support – I don’t think Macca has ever missed a training or game over the years. Thanks to Nick “up there” Casale for being a great Board man and shuffling the troops on and off through their rotations. Thanks to Troy “Tank” Irwin for being in charge of our defensive unit and tackling as well as nick names. Thanks to Leigh “Leroy” Wardell-Johnson for being our skills man and adding a “sense of humour” during all the serious times. The kids are very lucky to have Leigh available to assist in their skill development.

Well done to Heidi and Steve for being fantastic managers. Steve for game day and getting us all sorted and keeping a sensible lid on the coaching crew during the “heat” of the game. Heidi for coordinating all the rosters and jobs plus putting out an awesome weekly newsletter to the whole team. You are both an inspiration to all aspiring team managers.

Great work to all our parents for your support through the year. It’s not always easy and can be at times quite frustrating watching your son or daughter play footy and I appreciate your patience in allowing us to coach your children to the best of our abilities.

Now the team

  • Razza – tough as nails and loves a close physical contest. Very reliable player.
  • Jake – Had a tough season with injury. Takes a great mark, listens intently to his coaches and is great to coach.
  • Stace – First girl to notch up 50 games as a Booragoon Bulldog. Well done! Terrific skills and running player.
  • Machine – Played his best footy off half back this year. Loves to tackle. Will run all day.
  • Wildy – Given a job to do most weeks. A fierce competitor and hates to be beaten. Terrific to coach.
  • Dec – Back after a year in the Basketball wilderness. In our best 3 players and has the surest hands in the game. Reads the game like a book. Great to have you back Dec.
  • Jacko – A season robbed by sickness and injury. A tough competitor and valuable member of the team. The team missed his input at the end of the season.
  • Gero – Voted most improved player in the team. Has enormous talent and with his size is fast becoming one of team’s best players.
  • Olly – Enjoys his footy and being with the kids. Great little left footer who loves to get out in the open in space.
  • Ballas – returned after 6 weeks in the Baseball Wilderness and enjoyed the rest of the season. Was injured for a lot of the games but is a tough kid who soldered on and never gave up.
  • Al – Very talented player on both sides of his body. Loves to kick a goal. Has plenty to say, ask heaps of questions and loves being part of the team.
  • Bet – Fastest and one of the most athletic kids in the team. Can blow open a game with his pace and can play in attack or defence.
  • Kebabs – Fast developing into a terrific ruckman. Good leap and can also run all day. Like his Dad – very dependable.
  • Davo – Always smiling and seems to be enjoying himself. Played his best footy on the wing.
  • Hammer – Along with Dec voted the best Team man. Always willing to praise his team mates. Will always try and hit a target and has got great skills.
  • Frammo – Mr Dependable down at full back. Never complains but just gets on with the job. Has a raking left foot kick and hits a target on most occasions.
  • Gingers – A much improved player. Set up a lot of forward play with quick skilful handball. Good running ability.
  • Dropo – Beautiful left foot kick. Much harder at the ball this year. Played his best footy on the wing this year.
  • Cam – joined us for the first time this year. Highly skilled player and loves “selling candy”. Was a terrific addition to the side.
  • Gero 2 (Thomas) – Fantastic mark. Kicked some great goals. Very strong and well and truly held his own with the older boys.
  • Liam – Loves a good contest. Enjoys the physical side of the game. Prepared to bump and tackle hard.
  • Cookie – Missed 6 weeks with a broken wrist. Once returned got better and better each week. A very talented player who reads the play well and gets to a lot of contests.
  • Chucky – Teams strongest player. Terrific tackler, takes a great mark and on field leader for the other players.
  • Fitzy – Talented player with great speed. Always hits a contest at pace and uses both side of his body with his less dominant foot being used more than the dominant side.

Bring on the 2016 season!