2015 Super 8s Blue (Year 3s)

2015 Team Y03b

Back: Ryan Manason (Manager), Lindsay Marley (Coach), Craig Nelson (Coach), Blair Marley (Assistant Coach), Andrea Manason (Manager)
Middle: Taj Rowson, Matthew Gerovich, Callum Boyce, Sam Nelson, Kai McLeod, Myles Marley, Evan Fasher
Front: Travis Strahan, Joeseph Mattingly, Simon Budge, Kieran Manason, Jermain Kickett, Jordan Brown, Brock Ridgeway
Absent: William Fraser, Lindsay Corbett

What a fantastic season!! We have watched this group grow and develop over the season into a formidable team willing to take on taller teams with relentless energy and enthusiasm. The kids all adapted quickly to the transition from Auskick style of play into junior football and relished in the opportunities of open play footy.
We entered the season with 16 aspiring young footballers, a simple game plan and have taken a huge step forward in understanding how the game is played, how to get the most enjoyment out of each game and how to work together as a team to achieve success.

The latter half of the season has seen significant improvement from all kids who have been putting on some spectacular displays of team footy. This rapid advancement has enabled us to expand our game plan and challenge ourselves to improve each week. Well done and congratulations to all the players, you have been a fantastic bunch to coach and we hope to see you all back next year.
I hope the parents have enjoyed watching the kids grow and develop over the season as much as I have and would like to thank you all for your support, assistance at training and game days and most importantly, bringing your kids to footy each and every week. Thank you. I believe the parents have bragging rights from the kids vs parents scratch match, albeit by a couple of points on the siren.

A special mention to Ryan Budge, our team photographer. You have taken some magnificent photos over the season and I would like to thank you for capturing this and sharing with us.
Thank you Blair Marley, our assistant coach. You have been a great help throughout the season from taking small groups at training, warm ups before the game, time keeping, changing the board, and helping set up and pack away. I know the kids have enjoyed having you there every week. Your focus and commitment to the team was much appreciated by both Craig and I and we hope you have enjoyed the experience and learnt more about footy on and off the field.

A big thanks to Andrea and Ryan Manason, our team managers. You both have done a fantastic job in your first season and I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far. Nothing was ever too much trouble and I hope to see you both back again next year, particularly Ryan after setting the dress standard for the kids vs parents match!!

Finally, a massive thanks to Coach Craig Nelson. Your support, ideas and enthusiasm have been fantastic this year. Without your support, the achievements our kids made this year would not have been possible. I have enjoyed coaching with you and look forward to the next season and beyond standing beside you. Thank you.

I hope everyone involved with the Mighty Super 8 Blue team have enjoyed the season and I hope to see you all again next year.

“Go the Doggies”
Lindsay Marley (Coach)

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