2016 Auskick Pre-Primary


Back: Rory McAllister (Coach), Daniel Schmidt (Coach)
Middle: Taj Sullivan, Harrison De-Felice, Reeve Cailes-Spence, Hugo Patching, Max Woods, Carter Pratt, Jude McAllister
Front: Boston Whincup, Lachlan Bell, Lachlan Raddock, Cassius Wilson-Bandy, Isaac Eastaugh
Absent: Jarrad Dean, Alex Goddard, Samuel Morin, Veer Raikundalia, Cooper Rose

Congratulations Pre Primary Bulldogs on a fantastic first season of Auskick!

The improvement in each and every one of you from the first week of the season to the carnival at Rossmoyne last week was incredible!

Our main focus for this very important first year of AFL was learning the basic skills and the correct technique needed for these skills such as hand balling, kicking, marking, talking and probably most important of all – LISTENING. There was massive improvement in every one of these areas so well done champions!

It was an absolute privilege to coach all of you future stars this year and I enjoyed every minute (almost :)) of it. I hope you all enjoyed this season as much as me and most importantly had fun learning the greatest sport on the planet.

I would to thank all of the parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties and anyone else that helped make this year so much fun and assisted with washing jumpers, oranges etc.
I would also like to thank Daniel Schmidt for his commitment this year as assistant coach and for putting up with me yelling at him so much. Thanks Daniel – great job mate!

Thank you to Brooke for managing the team and a massive thank you to Renee Cailes for taking over as manager and doing a brilliant job!

I hope this season of AFL was the first of many more to come for you champion Bulldogs!

Who are we? BULLDOGS…

Rory McAllister (Coach)

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