2014 Year 10s

2014 Year 10s

It has been a great year for the Booragoon Year 10s. The year was tough and although the results were sobering, they don t truly reflect the efforts and successes of the team.

Led by their inspiring Captain, Riley Moretti, they challenged all the teams they opposed, at times playing irresistible football and putting those teams under immense pressure. The challenge next year, will be to play at that elevated intensity for extended periods of time, taking their chances and hitting the scoreboard.

We welcomed to the team eight new players Tom August, Zane Castle, Dylan Matthews, Anis Chinnaih, Ben Dolby, Sam Wharton , Sean O Neil and Terrence Callow. These boys were a great addition to the team and all contributed enormously throughout the year. We certainly played our better football in the 2nd half of the year as the players became familiar with each other and the structures we practiced came together.

Our Backs were constantly challenged throughout the year, but performed well under this pressure time & time again. Our Midfield, led by Lachlan Doig, battled throughout the year against bigger bodied boys but shared the spoils, and our Forwards made the most of the opportunities presented to them. I would like to thank Craig Hansen, who shared the coaching duties with me this year, and our Manager Les Chidgzey who once again was tireless in his role as team manager. Thanks Mark Toomath, Anthony Doig and Jim August for running throughout the year, Brendan Mansfield, our regular First Aid person and occasional Team Manager and Cathy Wharton & Janette Hansen for running the Interchange.

Thanks also to Bill Wharton for running the boundary throughout the year and his Dad Bruce, for filling in on occasion. Thanks also to the three Amigo s, Jacob and Gabby John and Jess Toomath for running water. All be it under extreme duress, with a belly full of snakes and a gut full of water. They were still able to squeeze in a few drinks for the boys in between socialising. Finally, thanks to all the parents. You have been a great help throughout the year. Always willing to help out when asked and always very supportive & encouraging of the boys, Craig & I.

It has been a privilege to be given the opportunity to coach your sons this year. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved and watching their development both as young men & footballers.

Storme John (Coach)

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