2011 Year 4s Report

Year 4s Blues

The first full football season for the 4 Blues has been very exciting for, not only the ever improving young players, but also for their coaches and parents. Having a chance to play fifteen full games of football against all different teams in the district has been a great opportunity for the keen novices of the game of Australian Rules.

Every Wednesday the players, together with their aging coaches, trained and practiced their skills in whatever weather presented itself. On Sundays they would then meet to show their improvement and, even though no scores were actually recorded, won around 11 of the games they played.

The tackling ability of Tom and Mick, the silky skills of Josh S, William and Julian, the marking ability of Daniel and Josh M, the ruck tapping skills of Cameron and Jay, the goal kicking power of Zane and Ethan, the defensive power of Digby, Lachlan and Callum and the speed and tenacity of Kai, Sam and Hamish all combined to prove that everyone has certain jobs to perform to create an exceptional football team.

Many thanks must go to Heath Schmidt as Assistant and fearsome tackling Coach, Michael Gardner the Manager and the many parents who waved flags, cut oranges, washed jumpers, helped in the canteen and basically made my job as coach the easiest one.

I hope that all players enjoyed themselves that much that they want to come back in 2012 and play together again and keep improving.

Ian Minotti (Coach)

Year 4s Whites

It can’t happen on the field unless it first happens off the field. I am completely indebted to all of the parents for making this season a very rich and rewarding journey.

I extend my sincere “Thanks” (as I’m sure all of the parents do) to one Mr Paul Logothetis. Our legendary Team Manager! He kept us all on track and turning up to the right oval at the right time and never left us in need of anything; not forgetting his most important role – keeping the coach in line on match day!).

Big Thanks to Paul Ovens for not only all his invaluable assistance at each and every training run but for his most generous offer of sponsoring the “Most Improved Player” awards for each game.

To our game day assistants: Marcus, Lindsay and Scott your efforts prior and during the game were extremely appreciated by one novice coach.

To all the parents and “volunteers” Paul and I THANK YOU….I know we appreciated it as I’m sure your boys did. There is nothing better than as a child to have your parents involved.

Boy! What can I say about the season that was? To sum it up in one page is not that easy. To Oliver, Connor, Lachlan, Reid, Riley, Daniel, Joshua, Jai, Matthew W, Kade, Michael (Super 8’s), Matthew L, Blair, Samuel, Callum A, Callum S and Wouter you boys made the season what it was; a hugely successful and rewarding experience.

As a Team we took a couple of games to gel but boy when we were ON we were an unstoppable force. The message was clear and simple : as a team we focused on getting behind the ball, when to bounce or when to touch the ball on the ground, playing on quickly, using your voice, Tackling, Chasing, Harassing, playing “man on man”, building a wall across our forward 50. These simple yet fundamental actions you all picked up and utilised extremely successfully and this will hold you in good stead in the years ahead.

It was entertaining and a lot of fun. We all enjoyed the Club Song at the end of those winning matches!

Go Dogs!

Mark Downey (Coach)

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