2011 Year 6s Report

Year 6 Blue

It’s been a fantastic 2011 footy season with the year 6 blues, both on and off the field.

My philosophy this year was to concentrate on the 1 percent items – The talking, shepherding, supporting the ball carrier, keeping your feet in a contest at all times and of course teaching and encouraging some of best tackling you would see in any grade of footy.

This year there were some great contests which certainly tested the skills and courage of all the lads. Without a doubt we are looking at some extremely talented young players that will certainly be future rising stars.

Natural leaders have emerged by leading by example giving support and guidance to the developing players,

Team effort was the key to the successful 10 win 5 loss season. Best of all, we finished the year by emerging champions of the lightning carnival with a fantastic 4 wins.

Many thanks to Alan Fereday who’s tireless work made my job so much easier,

Thanks also to Mark Conner’s and Ian Thompson in assisting with the coaching

But most of all many thanks to all my super stars for a great and exciting season. I had lots of fun and hope you did too.

Steve Evans (coach)

Year 6 White

It’s been another great season of football for the boys with a big milestone reached for a few of the players.  Darcy Roden and Jack Cameron were the first to reach 50 games on the same day, followed a few weeks later by Riley King and then Tom Egger and Khai Heah the following week.

The core of the group have been together since Auskick and this season welcomed in Tom White, Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Josh Harrison and James Hosking, all of whom have been great acquisitions.

All the boys have shown continued improvement and have handled all positions on the field very well with everyone being a goal scorer by mid-season.  The rotations have given the boys a good try in all positions.  Some have shown that they are very well suited to some positions. Campbell Marley has developed into a gutsy backman.  Riley King has stepped up and can bulldoze the ball forward in packs with his big size.  Hayden King is taking fantastic overhead marks and likes to add firepower up forward. Shaun Miller, Kyle Birch, Khai Heah,  Montelle Matatahi-Bandy, Darcy Roden and Tom Egger are all classy players with great ability. Ben Lieschke, Josh Rule, Harry Reid, Tom White, James Hosking and Daniel Withers all put in a big effort every week to help create opportunities.  Josh Harrison is a real speedster who can open up a game with his great gift.  Max Scott and Jack Cameron, our smallest players, don’t hold back to get in and under to win the ball.  Abbey Varney rejoined mid season and is once again showing up some of the boys with her great skill and courage.

The big Friday night Bulldog Derby was something all players loved despite the final score and they look forward to playing under lights again.

Sharyn Rule has once again been the team manager and a big thank you on a magnificent job.  We are indeed blessed to have her in that capacity.

Lindsay Marley has been terrific as assistant coach and his input on game day and at training has been extremely valuable.  Justin Varney has also been much appreciated in the latter part of the season with his technical know-how and ideas.

Many thanks also to all the parents for doing the many jobs that make a footy game memorable and fun for the kids, it just doesn’t happen without their support and cheers.

Finally, I hope to see all the team back again next year to go harder, higher and stronger and with as much enjoyment as this year.

Ian Birch (Coach)

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